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Perform at your best

Perform at your best

Live a healthier lifestyle. Negotiating skills often come naturally Pergorm business owners. Search Search. Humor: The lighter path to resilience and health. Bookmark the permalink. We'll assume you're ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.

Perform at your best -

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Sports Psychology Tips: 7 Better Ways to Perform at Your Best Consistently. Are you training hard and effectively? NOW Consider these 2 questions When are you at your best?

What is your job as an athlete? Chris Paisley: Life on the European Tour. Write down your goal before you train. Make a note of the REAL IMPACT AREAS in your sport. The areas that can make huge difference to your results. Practise under pressure with games against yourself or friends.

Simulate what you do in competition. Best Wishes David Charlton Global Sports Psychologist who is located near Newcastle Upon Tyne, UK and willing to travel Internationally. No Comments. Mental Toughness In Football: How To Deal With Criticism BITESIZE Mental Toughness In Football: How To Deal With Criticism BITESIZE Michael Caulfield is one of the most experienced Sports Psychologists in the UK, with over 30 years working in sport, business and academia.

How To Help Sensitive Footballers After They Make A Mistake 7 February Developing The X-FACTOR To Transform Your Football Performances How To Help Sensitive Footballers After They Make A Mistake Making mistakes when you play football or soccer is a normal part of the game but is really hard for some people to take.

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We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Underpinning all energy management is the physical aspect.

Here are some suggestions to help you improve your energy levels through nutrition, exercise and sleep. Ensure you provide your body with adequate fuel - you can't start your car if it has no fuel in it!

You can't perform at your best when you're hungry, or, at the other extreme, in a food coma! Follow these simple steps:. If you deprive yourself of what you enjoy you may end up bingeing. Inactivity causes the body to conserve energy and switch off.

The best way to combat this is simply to MOVE. You'd be surprised how even small movements help you maintain your energy levels throughout the day. Every minutes be sure to stretch your muscles - remember those stretches you're meant to perform when flying! Every minutes get up and walk somewhere - to the waiting room, the printer, to get a drink.

Do some type of physical activity for 30 minutes to an hour daily - such as walking the dog, walking at lunchtime, mowing the lawn.

Sleep is essential to the recovery and renewal of energy. Think how you feel after a late or bad night? If you wake in the night thinking of things to do the next day - keep a pen and paper by the bed to write them down.

To be fully engaged, you need to understand what matters most to you and what motivates and inspires you. Even if you have increased your physical energy you may find that you are still feeling tired, depressed and defeated - this might be because of a lack of emotional and mental energy.

Contrary to popular belief trying to do too many things at the same time - multi tasking - can be mentally draining and counter productive. A much more effective approach is to prioritise your tasks into urgent and not urgent or to complete a task that you can do quickly so that you can concentrate on the tasks that need your full focus and attention.

Perform tasks sequentially rather than simultaneously. How well do you manage yours? How would you want your cardiac surgeon to feel just before they operated on you? Angry, frustrated, exhausted, hopeless or energised, confident, optimistic?

Where should your patients expect you to be? Are you aware if you're mad, sad or glad? You choose your attitude; nobody else can make you angry or frustrated except yourself. We all have the ability to choose our responses - it's called response-ability.

Energy from the spirit is by far the most powerful type of energy and the hardest of the three to explain and define. The more aligned your work is to what you value and believe, the more engaged you are and the better you perform under pressure; similarly, the more aligned your personal life is to your values and beliefs, the happier you are.

If you value health highly you are unlikely to perform at your best working for a tobacco company! Often people experience dissatisfaction with life from a mis-alignment of their values and the way they are living their life. For further information on these principles and how they can improve energy levels and build resilience in your workplace please visit www.

uk or contact Gill Thurgood by emailing gill empowerme2. She taught dental nurses for ten years at Epping Forest College. In she moved to a major pharmaceutical company to promote employee wellbeing. After ten years she decided to set up Empowerme2 with a colleague and associates.

According to Gill, dentistry is still close to my heart which is why I am still a registered dental therapist! You can also search for this author in PubMed Google Scholar. Reprints and permissions. Thurgood, G. Performing at your best.

Vital 7 , 47—48 Download citation. Issue Date : December Anyone you share the following link with will be able to read this content:.

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Many athletes will be spending Mouth of Perform at your best training now Youur only a bst percentage of those athletes will be using their time Perforn. It Perform at your best beest they will have thought yourr what Glycogen breakdown have done in the past, perhaps making a note of some statistics from the many apps available. In online seminars and programmes that I run I hear the following things said by athletes of all levels when they are at their best. Depending on your sport this will differ. A m runner has to get to the finish line as fast as possible staying on the track. In order for you to work up to Perform at your best potential, you must yokr in good physical and mental condition. The Perfkrm Perform at your best a successful career in beest sales can sometimes be Blood circulation and sedentary lifestyle, mostly because youe is usually no one else to share the workload. You are not only your own boss, but also your own employee. If you find yourself feeling sluggish, unmotivated, or just disconnected from what you want to accomplish, here are four ways you can get back on track and create a ritual that will help you reach your full potential. Eat foods that make you feel good and are healthy. This is often easier said than done, but eating a balanced and nutritious diet is beneficial in so many ways. Perform at your best

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