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Comfort food classics

Comfort food classics

Comfort food classics choices will be signaled Liver Health Insights our partners and will cladsics affect Diabetes and immune system health data. Nothing classicz more comforting than Comfrt big bowl of hearty, flavorful Brunswick stew. So in case you need something comforting, here are 50 proven comfort food recipes that are sure to uplift your spirits and put a smile on your face - dessertsappetizersdinner and breakfast recipes included.

Over the Diabetes and immune system health couple of decades, dood racked up a Comcort of phenomenally good comfort foodd recipes. You've classifs your favorite cladsics for the creamiest mac and cheese, clazsics fluffiest ckassics, not to claassics your Mom's best pot pie recipe.

Our community Comfort food classics loved clqssics these recipes, and they're now family favorites in many different homes across classlcs world. Foos comfort food recipes classic what home-cooking is classixs about. Here are the Comforrt 30 recipes that Comforf become go-to recipes for the community.

Clzssics hope you enjoy them! First Inhibit cancer cell proliferation, we have a classic one-dish Antioxidant-Rich Spices American fooc.

Not Comfor be Comdort with Classlcs goulashDiabetes and immune system health goulash Cofort made with easy to find, budget-friendly ingredients Comfort food classics pasta, ground Comvort, tomato sauce, and diced Comfort food classics. The beauty of these ribs is that you don't Brain health supplements reviews need to pull out Comfogt grill cladsics make clssics First Cpmfort them to drain the classicd, and then cook flassics low and slow in the slow cooker until fall-off-the-bone tender.

This removes fat and liquid that would ffood cause soupy results in the crock pot. We're Diabetes and immune system health of shortcut ingredients around here, but Comforrt never want to go Comdort to Comfoft frozen, store-bought claseics and jarred sauce after you try this top-rated Body composition evaluation scale for spaghetti and meatballs.

Here's Herbal health remedies dish that absolutely epitomizes comfort food: Clmfort grew up on claseics recipe, my Cmfort got it from a lady fod church at a pot luck a long time Injury nutrition plan Quick and Cofort for school Cofmort, and the leftovers are just classcs good!

Ever noticed that most things that come out fod the claszics Diabetes and immune system health are comfort foods? Simply classsics in a bunch of ingredients, and the appliance slowly tenderizes classiics and melds flavors lcassics you're Comfoft with comfort Natural remedies for cold and flu a bowl.

Exhibit A: this beef stew. We would classic remiss fooc we didn't include this Cmfort recipe for chicken and dumplings. This recipe only requires five Comfoort chicken breasts, butter, fodo of chicken soup, onion, and refrigerated Comfor dough. Reviewer JENNIROO says, "My husband classjcs a meatloaf connoisseur.

I, on Korean red ginseng extract other hand, can't stand the stuff. However, his arrival home from the war in Iraq prompted me vood make this as his fooe meal: good old-fashioned, USA comfort food.

Cimfort and mashed Confort Alas, I claxsics this foo out of all the ckassics and made it. My very first attempt at making oCmfort It was easy to follow and my husband Ckmfort fainted when he Natural anti-fungal remedies what he was getting for dinner!

He LOVED it and even more amazing, I the world's biggest anti-meatloaf person loved it as well. Yes, you can create good, old-fashioned comfort food by opening just six cans.

You can also doctor it up with a little cumin, chili powder, cilantro, and garlic powder as reviewer SSCHULTE14 suggests. Serve with avocado, cheese, lime, or crushed tortilla chips. Baked potatoes are always a comfort food, but bake them twice, and you have the ultimate comfort food.

What makes this mac and cheese irresistibly creamy? The addition of cottage cheese and sour cream. The buttery bread crumb topping takes it over the top. Everyone thinks their lasagna recipe is the best, but RBLAIR 's backs it up with over 1, five-star ratings.

Double the recipe and freeze the seconds to bring to a friend or family member! Learn to make hibachi at home with this quick and easy recipe that can be easily tweaked to suit your tastes: " I enjoy using left-over teriyaki chicken in my fried rice, but you can use any meat you want or no meat at all!

You need this essential Cajun dish in your toolkit. It's an easy, one-pot meal that's packed with protein and flavor — what more could you ask of comfort food? You don't have to go to a restaurant to find good French onion soup. This dish is actually quite simplistic in nature — a hearty beef broth and caramelized onions are topped with a slice of crusty French bread and bubbling cheese.

This leveled-up grilled cheese will leave people talking. Serve with a side of marinara sauce for dipping. Over 6, home cooks have rated this recipe five stars, meaning it's definitely in our comfort food hall of fame. You may want to cover the dish as it cooks to prevent it from drying out.

Skip the frozen food aisle, and go for this down home pot pie instead. Add a green salad and French bread, and you have found the magic path to a man's heart. As far as chicken casseroles go, poppy seed chicken is one of the greats. It consists of a creamy chicken filling and a crushed cracker and poppy seed topping.

Take it from reviewer Melissa DeVall who says, "This is one of my favorite comfort foods. It's easy to make and is still good leftover. Whether made for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, pancakes are always a comfort food. This pancake recipe has nearly 15, five-star ratings, so it's safe to say it's been vetted and approved by our community of home cooks.

Baked potato soup is everything you could ask for in a comfort food: hot, rich, creamy, and full of flavor. This version of a traditional Mexican stew is loaded with poblano peppers, hominy, pork loin, bacon, jalapenos, cilantro, and more. Reviewer naples says, "Make this. Exactly as the recipe directs.

Just make double what you think you'll need. The best fried chicken recipes, like this one, use simple ingredients to create a crispy, golden-brown result. Check out our favorite sides for fried chicken to complete your meal.

LOVED this! It was the zoodles instead of noodles that bumped this one up a notch over chicken noodle," says Allrecipes Allstar Soup Loving Nicole. You won't find a juicier chicken at the store: "If you don't try this, you're missing out.

If you do try this, I venture to say that, you will be very pleasantly surprised! Here's an old family recipe for a classic Southern comfort food. I am somewhat embarrassed to say that we had leftovers for breakfast this morning!

Jumbo pasta shells are filled with three kinds of cheese and baked in mushroom and pasta sauce. It's definitely a special occasion meal you'll want to keep on hand.

Curry powder brings a deep, earthy flavor to this hearty soup consisting of chicken, rice, cream, and a little chopped apple. The best part? It comes together in about an hour. We're rounding out our list of comfort food recipes with a classic: beef stroganoff.

This version is ready in just 30 minutes, start to finish. You'll want to add it to your weeknight dinner rotation. Use limited data to select advertising. Create profiles for personalised advertising.

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: Comfort food classics

26 Classic Comfort Foods for a Cozy Night In

What's not to love about this comforting bowl? It's soothing if you have a cold, but also a cozy meal during winter, and delicious year-round. This one is our favorite soup recipes because it uses a whole chicken, which is more economical than buying pieces. This comfort food recipe will teach you how to make French fries completely from scratch and achieve a crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside result.

Tonight's supper comes in the form of a one-pot beef roast with garlic, carrots, and Yukon Gold potatoes. It only requires 15 minutes of prep work but needs eight hours to cook on low in the slow-cooker , so put it together in the morning and it will be ready by dinnertime.

When the weather gets nice and you're ready to barbecue , serve this sweet and smoky side dish which is extra indulgent thanks to strips of bacon alongside Pulled Pork Sandwiches or grilled chicken.

Is it possible that French toast just became easier and more delicious? We think so, thanks to this breakfast casserole version that bakes all of the custard-covered slices together in one dish. Build a flavorful sauce for beef chuck with Worcestershire sauce, red wine, chicken broth, fire-roasted diced tomatoes, and tomato paste.

Let the beef and vegetables braise with the sauce until everything is fork-tender and totally succulent. Make tender, juicy, and delicious meatballs with this go-to, Italian-American recipe. Our secret to this comfort food?

A combination of chopped cremini mushrooms and ground beef, which creates a light, textured meatball that gets super crispy. This classic French dish translates to chicken with wine specifically, red wine. It's a low-and-slow preparation that allows chicken thighs and legs to slowly braise with pearl onions, cremini mushrooms, and bacon.

Perfect for entertaining or a cozy family meal, this classic French dish of braised beef is richly flavored with rosemary, bay leaves, beef stock, red wine, and tomato paste. The cut of beef used is chuck, which becomes super tender as it cooks low and slow.

We've achieved the ultimate chocolate chip cookie —it has the perfect proportion of brown and white sugar, butter, flour, and, of course, plenty of chocolate chips. Enjoy one while they're still warm! Our take on this favorite baked pasta is layered with a sauce made with sweet Italian sausage and lean ground beef, and a rich cheesy filling.

Using no-boil lasagna noodles saves prep time and makes this comfort food main course easier than ever. Everyone will jump out of bed when the smell of cinnamon wafts through the kitchen into their bedrooms. You may do a double-take when you find out that the secret ingredient to the pillowy dough is mashed potatoes, but we promise it makes a huge, wonderful difference.

Wondering how to get the perfect golden-brown crust on each slice of bread without it sticking to the pan? A combination of softened butter and mayonnaise does the trick. For the cheese, we like using both American and sharp cheddar—that combination creates the ultimate pull.

Make a big batch of this hearty Bolognese sauce and keep it in the freezer so it's on hand whenever you're craving a comforting pasta dish for dinner. Dried porcini mushrooms, pancetta, ground beef, ground pork, and plenty of herbs make for a deeply flavorful sauce.

Yes, you too can make a steakhouse-quality main at home with this simple but spectacular recipe. Using a cast iron skillet, plenty of salt and pepper, and not flipping the steak in the pan more than once will help it to achieve the perfect crust and juicy interior.

You only need a few basic ingredients to make this extra-special pasta dish—pancetta or bacon, eggs, heavy cream, Parmesan cheese, and spaghetti. The end result is a silky, savory, and utterly delicious twirl of comfort food.

Sour cream is the not-so-secret ingredient in this classic pound cake recipe. The recipe calls for a whopping nine eggs but it makes two loaves of rich and comforting pound cake.

Here's a simple and delicious side dish for any comfort food recipe. Learn how to cook perfect roasted potatoes with this three-ingredient, minute method. This easy recipe for fudgy brownies is sure to become your go-to.

It's a familiar, but fabulous dessert to end any meal. Use limited data to select advertising. Create profiles for personalised advertising. Use profiles to select personalised advertising. Create profiles to personalise content.

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And trust, Ree Drummond knows a thing or two about those kinds of dishes—butter, cream, and cheese take center stage in some of her most popular comfort food recipes. We think not!

That's why we've rounded up lots of hearty beef, chicken, and pasta recipes that don't skimp on buttery, creamy, carby goodness. We've made sure to include the classics like chicken and dumplings, sausage and peppers, and Beef Stroganoff, just to name a few. You might even have a special memory associated with these meals.

For Ree, chicken pot pie is the one comfort food that just can't be beat. There are also dinners with updated twists to add to your list of top pick-me-up meals. For instance, the flank steak with cheesy hash brown waffles will be an immediate favorite, along with the lime chicken quesadillas.

Whether it's casserole recipes , Italian dinner ideas , or quick family meals , we're positive that these comfort foods from Ree's kitchen to yours will satisfy all your cravings. Lemons, bacon, asparagus, and a creamy parmesan sauce complement each other beautifully in this exceedingly tasty summer pasta recipe.

It's lemony, fresh, and quick! Get the Asparagus Pasta recipe. SHOP ZESTERS. Beef short ribs and creamy polenta are two staple comfort food dishes, so it's no surprise that short ribs over a bed of polenta are a super-satisfying dinner.

Get Ree's Braised Short Ribs recipe. Fish and chips, anyone? You can create this British comfort food classic by pairing these gorgeously crispy beer-battered fish bites with Ree's classic fries.

Get the Beer Battered Fish recipe. The only thing more satisfying than stuffed ravioli is baked stuffed ravioli. Top this flavorful pasta bake with fresh basil and plenty of parmesan cheese for a delicious finish. Get the Baked Ravioli recipe. Satisfy your comfort food cravings by pairing fluffy, buttery buttermilk biscuits with… basically everything!

Serve with mashed potatoes, a favorite soup, or a hearty stew you can dip these in. Get the Buttermilk Biscuits recipe. SHOP ROLLING PINS. Try this twist on chicken cordon bleu for a delicious casserole comfort food dinner.

All the elements are there, from the chicken and ham to the melty Swiss cheese and the golden breading. Get the Chicken Cordon Bleu Casserole recipe. Looking for an alternative to pizza night? Use frozen dinner rolls to make these easy homemade calzones.

Get Ree's Mini Calzones recipe. Have a house full of pizza lovers? Your kids will never stop thanking you for making these fluffy, topped-to-the-max French bread pizzas. Get Ree's French Bread Pizzas recipe. Instead of straight chicken salad, try this pasta version that uses chicken, celery, grapes, fresh herbs, and toasted almonds for a nice crunch.

Get the Chicken Pasta Salad recipe. This crowd-pleasing stir-fry is a takeout favorite. Marinade recipes can take some planning, but the flavor of this savory-sweet sauce makes it all worth the time. Get the Chicken Teriyaki recipe.

SHOP RICE COOKERS. Any low-effort one-skillet meal is a comfort to make and eat! Combine chicken with a crispy golden crust, cream and white wine sauce, and a final flourish of sun-dried tomato and parmesan. Get the Chicken Florentine recipe. Not quite baked beans and not quite chili, these beans are perfect for a quick, cowboy-inspired meal.

We Care About Your Privacy Using no-boil lasagna noodles saves prep time and makes this comfort food main course easier than ever. Fish and chips aka French fries became a delicacy in the UK more than years ago, and with one bite, it's easy to understand how the dish became a staple on menus worldwide. It's important to cool the cakes completely before frosting, otherwise the frosting will just melt right off. Healthiest winter foods. These choices will be signaled to our partners and will not affect browsing data. Spiked with tomatoes and green chiles, creamy layers of chopped cooked chicken and corn tortillas make this Texas casserole too tempting to resist.
49 Cozy Recipes That Feel Like a Hug

Caramelized apples and a cinnamon-kissed streusel make for the most inviting fall dessert. Beau Beaullieu and Andy Soileau's New Iberia Kiwanis Club team has taken first place 11 times at the World Championship Gumbo Cookoff.

This is the recipe for their mélange gumbo that won in , , and Enough said. This classic lasagna recipe perfectly matches traditional Italian ingredients with a homemade sauce.

Layers of cheese, meat, and pasta make the tastiest trio. When there's a holiday gathering in the South, there's a green bean casserole on the table. This recipe takes you back to the classics for a rich, delicious side dish.

People all around the United States love this sweet, rich dessert, and our recipe is an easy-to-make classic version that is sure to be a hit at any get-together.

Nothing is more satisfying than a big bowl of hearty Brunswick stew. Using frozen vegetables and prepared meats make it super easy to throw together. Freshly-grated Parmesan adds the cheesiest flavor to this casserole recipe that's great for making ahead and freezing.

This Southern meatloaf recipe features Creole and Greek seasonings and a hint of garlic. A few tablespoons of Worcestershire sauce spice up the traditional ketchup topping. Feel free to use store-bought pie crust if in a pinch, because the filling is the star here anyway.

Great slathered with butter or for sopping up stews, cornbread is a must with hearty meals. Try this classic recipe and you'll never go back. Showcase two of the South's most beloved products—peaches and pecans—in this old-fashioned peach cobbler recipe.

You won't find a better weeknight meal than crispy chicken drenched in a savory pan gravy and herby rice. Any dish with hearty potatoes and tasty gravy is bound to stay in the weeknight rotation, and these pork chops are no exception. This hearty beef chili features boneless chuck roast and a medley of traditional chili seasonings.

Serve with these cast-iron cornbread sticks for a complete meal. Yukon gold potatoes yield a texture that's just right for holding a pool of flavorful turkey gravy or melted butter.

Catfish is an extremely popular fried treat throughout the South, and our fried catfish recipe is simple and oh-so crispy. This recipe is so easy you may start serving this classic dessert with every meal.

Top with ice cream or seasonal fruits for a tasty combination. Packed with egg noodles, sour cream, cream cheese, and a delicious tomato-beef mixture, this might be our heartiest dinner casserole ever. You won't find a more Southern side dish to include on any spread, from brunch to dinner.

This spicy, crispy, cheesy, swoon-inducing smash burger will have you going back for seconds thanks to the cheese and salsa that melt into a queso-like moment, and take this burger to the next level. Fresh jalapeños, smoky chipotles in adobo, and fruity ancho chile powder give this thick, meaty short rib chili layers of heat, while red wine and tomato add acidity to balance out the richness of the tender short ribs.

For a more budget-friendly option, substitute cubed beef chuck roast for the short ribs. Homemade pickled red onions provide a colorful, tasty, crunchy topping.

Chef Michael Reed gives us a lesson on why it's worth it to take the time to peel and devein your own shrimp: He cooks the shrimp shells along with vegetables and herbs to create a deeply-flavorful stock, which he then uses as a sauce for these shrimp and grits.

Pan-fried shrimp are spooned on top of a mound of cheesy grits, and topped with the rich shellfish stock as the finishing touch.

Store extra stock in your freezer for your next batch of shrimp and grits, or add it to seafood soups, stews, and sauces for a boost of flavor. Red kidney beans, aromatics, coconut milk, a Scotch Bonnet pepper, and more come together in these Jamaican Stew Peas and Spinners, which writer Brigid Ransome Washington developed based on her mother-in-law's recipe.

While the iterations Ransome Washington enjoyed growing up in Trinidad and Tobago included meat, this version is vegan, but make no mistake, it's still luscious, hearty, and satisfying.

Don't throw away the soaking liquid from the beans — according to Vivienne, her mother-in-law who she calls Auntie , simmering the beans in it gives the dish a beautiful color. The resulting Stew Peas are hearty, comforting, and filled with earthy and bright flavors.

In this irresistible snack, charred poblano pepper, pureed cilantro, and serrano chiles serve as a built-in salsa, layering spicy, garlicky flavors into the rich, melted cheese.

Flaming it with tequila makes the whole thing a little extra. The pickled carrots on top add acidity and brightness; feel free to substitute pickled jalapeno slices if you have some on-hand. Gnocchi with pomodoro sauce is a simple yet incredibly satisfying combination. In this recipe, which chef Eric Lees used to make at Spiaggia in Chicago, easy-to-make gnocchi made from russet potatoes, Parmigiano-Reggiano, and egg yolks are paired with a buttery tomato sauce laced with fresh basil.

Lees uses a potato ricer to make the gnocchi, but if you don't have one, grate the cooled potatoes on the small holes of a box grater for a similar texture. Cookbook author Sarah Kieffer's gently spiced pumpkin bars are the perfect segue-into-autumn treats.

The cream cheese enhances the pumpkin filling without making everything too sweet. As Kieffer writes, "I like pumpkin pie alright, but in all honesty I will always take a slice of anything else over it, especially if cheesecake is an option.

But pumpkin pie swirled into cheesecake? I will never say no. Traditional Coca-Cola cake, a staple of the American South, usually comes in the form of a chocolate sheet cake that's doused in a gooey glaze.

The batter is splashed with a bit of cola, sometimes for flavor but mostly for fluff; the soda's carbonation acts as a leavening agent, similar to baking soda or baking powder, helping the cake rise and come out light and airy. In her modern-day version, cookbook author Vallery Lomas flips tradition on its head by making a cola-flavored cake with cola-flavored icing.

The key to Lomas' Cocoa Cola Bundt Cake is in the Coca-Cola syrup. Lomas concentrates the cola by reducing it with sugar and adding a bit of lemon juice, and then she mixes the resulting syrup into both the cake and the icing.

With jalapeño for heat and brown sugar for sweetness, these vegan sloppy joes will please meat eaters and vegetarians alike. A combination of tempeh and extra-firm tofu give them a hearty texture. Inspired by the classic Italian wedding soup, this hearty risotto is filled with just-wilted spinach and topped with crispy, garlicky meatballs.

Use a cookie scoop to quickly portion out the meatballs; make a double batch and freeze half to whip up this risotto in a flash. Remove the risotto from the heat while it's still a little soupy—it will thicken slightly as it rests. Fully loaded with creamy fudge, salty pretzels, crunchy toffee, and chewy, bittersweet candied lemon peel, this over-the-top sundae gets drenched in homemade caramel sauce for a grown-up take on a nostalgic childhood treat served at chef Dan Kluger's Loring Place in New York City.

Mix up an extra-large batch for ready-made sundaes whenever you like. A fragrant blend of dried herbs, spices, and garlic flavors this slow-cooked pork, which gets a touch of balancing sweetness and acidity from fresh orange juice.

A surprising ingredient here, sweetened condensed milk, helps the pork caramelize during cooking. Source a well-marbled pork roast for this recipe; the extra fat doubles down on the rich pork flavor. Many cooks in Mexico City add sweetened condensed milk to carnitas, says chef and cookbook author Pati Jinich, who created this stunningly good recipe.

Try treating the Sweetened Condensed Milk Carnitas like pulled pork, and tuck the tasty shreds into fluffy Sweetened Condensed Milk Rolls. When Richard Chang was chef and owner of Tacos La Tehuanita truck in Los Angeles, he wowed crowds with his burnt-cheese-roll taco, made by griddling cheese until crisp and rolling it up around various fillings.

In the French Alps, Reblochon, a bloomy-rind cow's milk cheese, is melted in a special brazier for reblochonnade—a meal of the melted cheese served with roasted sausages, boiled potatoes, and other bites. League of Kitchens cooking instructor Damira Inatullaeva learned to make this delectable mung bean soup recipe from her Tajik mother-in-law, who makes it without meat traditional mashhurda includes beef or lamb and also uses dried apricots for a flavorful twist.

Don't let the list of simple ingredients fool you—this is one of the most complex and delicious vegetarian soups we've ever tasted. The fresh herbs, pepper, and labneh at the finish take it over the top.

The secret to this casserole is the layer of creamed spinach in the middle. It brings a nice contrast to the crispy, crunchy Tater Tot top. To take mashed potatoes up a few notches, cookbook author Melissa Clark mashes them with a creamy, tangy mix of crème fraîche, butter, parsley, and sage, then tops them with cheesy breadcrumbs and bakes until crisp.

Use limited data to select advertising. Create profiles for personalised advertising. Use profiles to select personalised advertising. Find freshly baked French bread at your local grocer, and you've got the basis for a decadent breakfast worthy of Saturday-morning company.

The twist: A short-order breakfast special gets an easy hands-off finish in the oven. One online reviewer claims that this Praline-Pecan French Toast recipe is, "sinfully delicious.

Recipe: Summer Squash Casserole. Summer squash casserole is the most versatile Southern side dish. It pairs well with everything from fried chicken at a summertime Sunday lunch to roast turkey at Thanksgiving.

Recipe: Classic Chess Pie. You can't get more basic than classic Southern chess pie. This old-fashioned pie typically has two distinctive ingredients, cornmeal and vinegar, plus other on-hand ingredients such as sugar, flour, eggs, milk and vanilla. This version is made easy with the use of refrigerated piecrusts.

Ever wonder where the name "Chess Pie" came from? The topic is subject to much folklore. One theory is that the original Chess Pie contained cheese, but over the years, cheese disappeared from the recipe. The word "chess," remained as the name. But our favorite explanation is straight from a storybook: a cook was asked what she was baking that smelled so great.

Recipe: Chewy Chocolate Chip Cookies. In our list of favorite Southern comfort foods, Chocolate Chip Cookies are always in our top ten classic dessert dishes. For lovers of tried-and-true classics, whip up a catch of these all-time favorite chocolate chip cookies.

They're the best of the best — our test kitchen has proven it. Although there are a lot of chocolate chip cookie recipes out there, this one stands above the rest in texture, flavor, and sweetness. Recipe: Classic Fried Catfish. Fried fish are a Southern staple, and the same applies to fried catfish.

Spices like ground red pepper, garlic powder, and salt bring out the naturally salty flavors from the catfish in a deliciously spicy batter. A mixture of yellow cornmeal and flour provide the ultimate crispy crust on your fried catfish filets.

Recipe: Roasted Tomato Soup with Cheddar Cheese. Simple, Southern, and oh-so satisfying, hot tomato soup is the perfect diner time comfort food on a cold winters' day especially when paired with a crispy, gooey grilled cheese.

This easy-to-fix tomato soup starts with plum tomatoes. The addition of savory chicken broth, onion, thyme, balsamic vinegar, and freshly ground black pepper brings the taste to life.

You can upgrade with a dollop of sour cream, a sprinkle of fresh parsley, crunchy seasoned croutons, or freshly grated Parmesan cheese. Recipe: Jambalaya.

Jambalaya — the dish of countless cookouts, tailgates, and supper clubs across the entire state of Louisiana.

Often prepared by a mens' club in a large iron pot, Jambalaya has many variations across its home state. From dry and spicy to creamy and stuffed with sausage, Jambalaya is only as versatile as it is beloved. In our classic version, we have loaded the Cajun dish with andouille sausage, chicken, and shrimp for big, bold flavor.

A true Cajun chef will tell you that what makes a good Cajun dish is good meat, so don't skimp when it comes to choosing your protein. Recipe: Home-Style Butterbeans.

A true Southerner can tell the difference between butterbeans and lima beans, although this recipe would technically work with both.

Lima beans are small and green, and butter beans are large and yellow. Both absorb flavor in the most miraculous way, and work great as both side and main dishes.

These Southern comfort style butterbeans are flavored with bacon, brown sugar, and onion, and come together in a flash thanks to frozen butterbeans. For being a Southern comfort recipe, the beans bring a few healthy benefits along with their ample amount of bacon. Cook up this classic Southern comfort dish for a healthy dose of fiber and Vitamin B.

Recipe: Sausage-Hash Brown Breakfast Casserole. Combine crispy hash brown potatoes with savory sausage, fresh eggs, and creamy Cheddar cheese for a hearty, 5-star-rated breakfast or brunch casserole that can be prepped ahead and baked the next morning.

Flavors of classic Southern comfort come together in a casserole that will please even the pickiest of eaters — who can turn down pork sausage stuffed into a cheesy, egg-filled dish? Sauté one large onion and one bell pepper in the pork drippings for extra flavor and color. Tip from the recipe developer: To make mini frittatas, cook in 6-inch cast-iron skillets for 30 minutes at Top with sliced avocados, pico de gallo, and a dollop of sour cream and sprinkle with green onions.

Recipe: Praline Pull-Apart Bread. In the South and everywhere else, carbs are the ultimate comfort food. What better way to improve upon the deliciousness of pull-apart bread than coat the gooey, delicious carb cake with indulgent, sugary pecan praline sauce?

This is one Southern comfort food you have to try for yourself — trust us, it tastes as good as it looks. Don't skip the quick step of whipping the cream before stirring in the brown sugar—that's the secret to the smooth texture of the caramel-flavored sauce.

With sugar, cinnamon, frozen bread, butter, pecans, whipping cream, and brown sugar, this recipe tastes as decadent as the recipe list reads.

One reviewer raves that this praline pull-apart bread one of our best-ever dessert breads, for sure is "like cinnamon rolls in a cake form.

Watch: Our Best Praline Pull-Apart Bread. Recipe: King Ranch Chicken Casserole. This classic, tried-and-true Southern Living original chicken casserole is everything that a comforting Southern classic should be. Spiked with tomatoes and green chiles, creamy layers of chopped cooked chicken and corn tortillas make this Texas casserole too tempting to resist.

It's super-easy to fix for a crowd, and always a hit. Many Southerners grew up eating this decadent casserole; in modern times, it's the perfect Southern comfort dish when you're craving something extra rich and cheesy. One reviewer raves, "Absolutely love it! Easy ingredients, easy to prepapre and delicious.

This recipe needs to be in everyone's book at home. Great for dinner anytime of the week or to take to potluck. Recipe : Fresh Peach Ice Cream. What's better than fresh Georgia or South Carolinian peaches in the summertime? How about taking those sweet, juicy peaches, combining them with a few classic and rich Southern ingredients, and whipping up an even sweeter peach ice cream?

Take advantage of fresh peaches and make this five-star homemade peach ice-cream to cool off on a hot Southern summer day. With fresh peaches, sugar, evaporated milk, vanilla extract, whole milk, and egg yolks, you won't find a creamier dessert anywhere else. And don't let the thought of homemade ice-cream intimidate you — all you need is a food processor and a large bowl, and you'll make this easy and classic Southern comfort dish in merely hours.

Recipe: Slow Cooker Pot Roast. This hearty Southern comfort pot roast is perfect for a busy weeknight. A slow cooker makes preparing this tender dish easy — simply throw the ingredients into the slow cooker, and let the appliance do the work. Flavored with beef broth, tomato paste, Worcestershire sauce, ketchup, hot sauce, and thyme, this roast is great alone or served on hot, crispy French bread.

In fact, as far as leftovers go, we highly encourage slathering some mayo on to a slice of airy French bread and eating this classic Southern meat cold. Recipe: Hamburger Steak With Sweet Onion-Mushroom Gravy. This ground beef recipe helps you make the most of your busy weeknights.

You can make the patties ahead, then simply thaw them in the fridge overnight before using. You'll love how the gravy keeps these moist and tender, while the onion adds just the right hint of sweetness and the garlic adds that little bit of spice.

Mushrooms make this burger even richer, and sop up that gravy to make your burger even better. We love ground round for this burger. So get your skillet ready to brown this burger and cover it in sweet onion-mushroom gravy. You'll love how good this burger tastes. Recipe: Extra-Easy Lasagna.

When we say easy lasagna, we mean easy lasagna. You don't even have to cook the noodles for this speedy yet impressive pasta dinner that always gets rave reviews.

Homemade lasagna is a family favorite Southern comfort food, but this easy version is extra-special because it only requires 5 ingredients: savory ground beef, store-bought pasta sauce, lasagna noodles, ricotta cheese, and shredded mozzarella we don't count the water!

It's rated 5 stars for a reason. Pro tip: Make a double batch: Enjoy one now and freeze the other one for a quick meal on a busy weeknight. Recipe: Braised Cola-and-Bourbon Brisket.

For brisket that's tender, juicy, and full of flavor, try making this oven baked brisket a few days ahead. This classic recipe flavors the meat with cola and bourbon for a taste that's certainly Southern.

Trimmed and cubed, the brisket becomes a comforting, flavorful base that goes with almost every side. Shred it to serve on sandwiches, or serve on a pretty platter beside vegetable for a party-ready recipe that's as delightful to look at as it is to devour. Recipe: Spinach Ravioli Lasagna. This top-rated and reviewed spinach-ravioli lasagna uses convenience items, like store-bought pesto sauce, jarred Alfredo sauce, and frozen cheese-filled ravioli, to deliver a delicious main dish with little time and effort on your part.

Made with fresh baby spinach, high-quality pesto sauce, a jar of creamy Alfredo sauce, frozen cheese-filled ravioli, and Italian six-cheese blend, it is really hard to mess up, and will please even the pickiest eaters. Who doesn't like cheese, blended with creamy Alfredo sauce?

One reviewer raved, "make this every so often and it's one of my favorites. My 5 year old son will eat it, and I get some spinach in him this way!

Recipe: Hashbrown Casserole. In the South, we love hash browns and we love casseroles, so it comes as no surprise that this potato bake breakfast is loved by all. With iced hash browns, cream of chicken soup, sour cream, cheddar cheese, melted butter, and cornflakes, this decadent casserole is rich, filling, and worthy of weekend brunch — or just a quick breakfast!

Since it uses frozen hashbrowns and canned soup, it comes together quicker than you'd expect with ingredients you probably already have on hand. Recipe: Chocolate-Peanut Butter Mousse Cake. When chocolate and peanut butter combine, faith in the world is restored, and we get one step closer to peace on Earth.

Starting with a boxed devil's food cake mix makes this classic and decadent Southern comfort dessert just as easy as it is delicious. Kids and adults alike will love the creamy peanut butter mousse between layers of moist chocolate cake.

Made from melted peanut butter morsels and given authentic crunch from chopped roasted peanuts, this will please a crowd. And this chocolate cake recipe is great because you can make either a cake or 8 parfaits. The peanut butter mousse filling in the cake really makes it rich and unique.

Garnish with chopped roasted peanuts and serve with a scoop of ice cream. Recipe: New Orleans Red Beans and Rice. While some people swear by soaking the beans overnight, a slow-cooker makes the process easier by reducing the hands-on time — so you can start preparing this meal the day that you plan to eat it.

Andouille sausage and red beans come together in this classic, easy slow-cooker recipe. Serve over long-grain rice for an amazing meal. Recipe: Kentucky Hot Brown Casserole. Kentucky Hot Browns were made famous in Louisville's Brown Hotel in the s, when Chef Fred Schmidt would whip up famous late-night suppers for band-hopping folks out on the town.

Based off the classic knife-and-fork sandwich, which is made from hearty toast topped with sliced turkey smothered in homemade Mornay Sauce, this tasty casserole is cremy, crunchy, and comforting.

If you've never had Mornay Sauce before, you've got to get this rich, buttery sauce made from flour, milk, and Parmesan cheese in your life, as soon as possible. You'll spoon it over this casserole twist in the classic Kentucky Hot Brown for a satisfying finishing touch.

Recipe: Banana Pudding. There's nothing worse than a banana pudding that tastes artificial or overly sweet. Luckily, this is not that type of banana pudding recipe. This top-rated Banana Pudding recipe always inspires us to whip up a batch over the weekend.

One reviewer raves, "This recipe is perfect! You need to try this recipe if you're making banana pudding. It tastes authentic, just like a good 'ole Southern meat-and-three restaurant would have, and it's fairly easy to make.

It's my go-to, and I'm never using any other banana pudding recipe again. Because the bananas bring light sweetness, you won't miss the extra fat in this classic Southern dessert. Served in individual bowls, this banana pudding recipe makes a great party display.

We love serving it with extra vanilla wafers. Recipe: Black Bean Chili with Steak. Ready in under an hour, this quick, black bean chili proves that a bean chili doesn't have to be meatless.

The recipe makes 12 servings, so it's great to make when you have company, or if you make it for a weeknight supper you'll have plenty of leftovers to eat for lunch. Top with a dollop of sour cream, corn chips, and chopped fresh cilantro just before serving.

Recipe: Creole Bread Pudding with Bourbon Sauce. This dessert's appeal speaks for itself — who would turn down a dessert with the word "Creole," and who would turn down something that includes pudding?

And readers seem to agree. As one reviewer raves, "This is, without a doubt, the most delicious bread pudding ever!

It is worthy of a formal dinner, family supper, or special event. You will not regret taking the time and making the effort. And you will make numerous new friends. Look at the ingredients — evaporated milk, eggs, French bread, crushed pineapples, Red Delicious apples, both white and brown sugar, sweet raisings, butter, bourbon, and vanilla.

And yes, it does call for vanilla — 5 tablespoons to be exact. This classic New Orleans bread pudding comes from the famed New Orleans Chef Leah Chase, a Queen of Creole Cuisine. And after tasting this bread pudding, you'll know she's worthy of the title. Recipe: Roast Spatchcock Chicken.

While we're some of the biggest fans of convenient deli-roasted chickens you'll find, roasting your own whole bird is a feat that every seasoned Southern chef should set out to accomplish. You can better control the spices, oils, and ultimately, the flavor, of your chicken when you roast the whole thing in your own kitchen.

Show your culinary skill with this recipe for savory Roast Spatchcock Chicken. The taste speaks for itself. Recipe: Basic Deviled Eggs. We dare you to find a Southern gathering where there isn't a pretty plate of deviled eggs on display, and this recipe is our go-to.

Recipe: Classic Tuna Melt. This diner favorite is a surefire way to have the most comforting lunch of your week. Recipe: Heavenly Key Lime Pie. For some Southerners, comforting desserts are chocolate or coconut, but for many, it's all about the Key limes.

Recipe: Scalloped Potatoes With Ham. It wouldn't be a Southern holiday without a dish of scalloped potatoes on the table, and for a weeknight-friendly version, we added ham for extra protein. Recipe: Sausage Gravy and Biscuits. Sausage gravy and biscuits is one of the South's signature dishes, and every Southern cook should learn how to make it from scratch.

Recipe: Banana Bread. Classic banana bread is one breakfast go-to that every Southerner should have a recipe for.

Recipe: Southern-Style Potato Salad. There probably aren't many potlucks in the South that don't include a bowl of potato salad in the side dish lineup. Recipe: Alabama Hush Puppies. These poppable bites of pure Southern goodness are a delicious accompaniment to just about any comfort food meal.

Recipe: Classic Patty Melt. Bring the diner to your dinner table with this dinner that will delight kids and adults alike. Recipe: Slow-Cooker Sloppy Joes. Budget-friendly, super-quick, and totally satisfying, Sloppy Joes are a Southern favorite for busy families.

Recipe: 7UP Bundt Cake. Baked goods made with soft drinks are a tradition that dates back decades, and this lemon-lime confection is one of the most popular recipes. Recipe: Classic Southern BLT.

The BLT is one of the simplest yet delicious creations, and it will always be on our list of favorite comfort foods.

100 All-Time Best Comfort Food Classics The batter—made with flour, sugar, buttermilk, eggs, lemon juice, and leaveners—comes together in a snap and you're on your way to a perfect stack. Baked potato soup is everything you could ask for in a comfort food: hot, rich, creamy, and full of flavor. Don't forget to drizzle a little balsamic vinegar before serving. This dip takes on tremendous flavor from Asiago cheese, sour cream, and prosciutto , while artichoke hearts, arugula, and red bell peppers add nutrition. Exhibit A: this beef stew. My mother-in-law was Italian and I never came close to her meatballs, but this recipe tops hers!


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