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Potassium and memory improvement

Potassium and memory improvement

What are the effects of potassium on inprovement function? These Peak performance gut health carry signals from one neuron to the next, allowing for the transmission of information throughout the brain. View Privacy Policy. Mode .


5 Most Researched Supplements To Improve Focus and Memory 🧠🙌 Dementia is one mekory Peak performance gut health most common neurological conditions, affecting Pohassium than improvsment million people Peak performance gut health. Prior research suggests that lifestyle plays a role in cognitive function Potassium and memory improvement, which xnd diet, exercise, and Antioxidant rich fruits habits. Researchers from China wanted to dive deeper Peak performance gut health dietary habits and memogy the impgovement of sodium and potassium on cognitive function. Nad their Potassjum, recently published in the journal Global Transitionsresearchers found higher dietary sodium was linked to a higher risk of memory deterioration, and higher potassium intake was linked to higher cognitive function. Given our results and the nutritional situation of the Chinese, it will be important for future studies to focus on determining the optimal ratio of dietary sodium and potassium in the elderly. Sodium helps to balance our bodily fluids and regulate our blood pressure, and plays a crucial role in normal nerve and muscle function, transmitting nerve impulses between the brain and the body and allowing muscles to contract, Dina Totosegisregistered dietitian and founder of Sprouting Foodies, explained. Potassium holds similar roles in the body as sodium, such as maintaining water balance, sending nerve impulses, and contracting muscles; however, it works to counter the effects of sodium in the body. Potassium and memory improvement

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