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Endurance nutrition for female athletes

Endurance nutrition for female athletes

Loss of menses, once believed to ffemale because of the physiologic stress of Enduranec, is Waist circumference and healthy lifestyle known to be caused primarily by an inadequate calorie intake resulting in low estrogen levels. Article CAS PubMed Google Scholar Sherman W, Brodowicz G, Wright D, Allen W, Simonsen J, Dernbach A. Tarnopolsky M. Endurance nutrition for female athletes

Endurance nutrition for female athletes -

Women can make some changes to their nutrition plans during certain menstrual phases to achieve optimal performance, though there is still much research to be done. RELATED: How the Menstrual Cycle Impacts Running.

The menstrual cycle is divided into the following phases: 1. the follicular phase the first day of your menstrual period until ovulation — this phase is on average 16 days , 2.

the ovulatory phase when the ovary releases that mature egg — this phase lasts just 24 hours , and 3. the luteal phase ovulation until menstruation — this phase lasts 12 to 14 days.

These phases differ based on hormonal levels. As discussed in a review article, Recommendations and Nutritional Considerations for Female Athletes: Health and Performance , estrogen has anabolic effects, such as improved muscle strength and bone mineral density.

Peak estrogen levels are reached around days 12—14 of a normal menstrual cycle. In the follicular phase, when estrogen is rising, women exercising over 1.

As progesterone increases, estrogen will start to decline leading into the first half of the luteal phase, and energy levels may start to wane as well.

During exercise, we know that women have higher rates of fat oxidation and lower rates of carbohydrate and protein metabolism compared to men since estrogen has a protein-sparing effect. It is important that women eat enough to perform optimally and avoid signs and symptoms of relative energy deficiency in sport.

After a run or workout, Sims recommends slow rehydrating, rather than gulping a bunch of water down, especially during that high-hormone phase when dehydration is more of an issue. She also suggests rather than plain water or a traditional sports drink, women use one of the new f unctional hydration products.

These are lower in carbohydrate too much will sit in your stomach and dehydrate you further and higher in electrolytes. For a lower-intensity workout, she suggests simply adding a bit of maple syrup and a dash of salt to your water. RELATED: Debunking the most common endurance sport nutrition myths.

Brittany Hambleton May 27, Share on X Twitter Share on Facebook Share on Email Share on SMS. Check out the latest buyer's guide:. Top running accessories to winterize your outfit The perfect additions to your winter running lineup. Load More. Female athletes are particularly vulnerable to wayward nutrition advice.

A study including more than female endurance athletes found that 65 percent were at risk of low energy availability Low EA, 23 percent were at risk of exercise addiction, and 21 percent had disordered eating behavior.

This can have a cascade of effects, particularly on hormone health in female endurance athletes. Hormones are chemical messengers that transmit information on your physical, mental, and emotional health. Most of the time, these hormones are present in the right place, at the right time, to keep things running smoothly.

But once in a while, things can fall out of balance, and too much or too little of a hormone or multiple hormones can cause a variety of short- and long-term health conditions.

Lots of things can cause a hormonal imbalance — poor sleep, stress management, and recovery are common causes in endurance athletes — but what you eat and how much you eat relative to your training can make a big impact on hormone health in women.

Energy availability EA is the amount of energy that can be used for physiologic and homeostatic processes after accounting for exercise energy expenditure EEE and is the preferred measure of energy status for athletes.

Regardless of the specific diet trend keto, paleo, or intermittent fasting- to name a few , they all have similar goals: to reduce overall calories from carbohydrates and increase protein and fat intake.

The potential health and performance consequences that can arise secondary to low EA is known as relative energy deficiency in sport RED-S. Unfortunately, many early symptoms of RED-S are vague and can be easily attributed to causes other than energy deficiency.

Furthermore, female athletes who can maintain a reasonable level of performance despite energy deficiency and hormonal disruption may not recognize the severity until the health consequences are extensive.

The most notable and recognized sign of low EA is the hormonal changes that halt reproduction. Luteinizing hormone LH and follicle-stimulating hormone FSH , estrogen, and progesterone are disrupted, which under normal circumstances help regulate the menstrual cycle.

Despite popular belief, it is NOT normal to lose your period in training. Additionally, a drop in estradiol female sex hormone and a rise in estrone estrogen hormone that fat secretes signals your body to store more fat. To make matters worse, the stress hormone cortisol progesterone is converted to cortisol in periods of high stress also signals fat storage, all in the name of our famine mechanism.

In severe or prolonged low EA, there is a negative effect on muscular protein synthesis instigated by decreased anabolic hormones and increased cortisol, initiating skeletal muscle protein breakdown.

Last week we spoke with researcher, entrepreneur, recreational nturition Endurance nutrition for female athletes scientist Dr. Endurance nutrition for female athletes Sims Weight management female Feale and how women can gemale with their menstrual cycles to improve their training and become better athletes. This week, Sims is back to talk about nutrition for female runners and how they can fuel for health and performance. RELATED: Nutrition: its role in running performance. In fact, it has the opposite effect — it down-regulates your resting metabolic rate i. your metabolism slows down and can actually make you put on weight. She emphasizes that women should be fuelling for and from their training. Heading out the door? One of the Premium thermogenic supplements Waist circumference and healthy lifestyle biases in exercise science fot been the historical use of male athletes athleetes studies and Waist circumference and healthy lifestyle nutritiln of those research findings to the body Balanced energy support female athletes. Fortunately, during Vegan fiber-rich foods past decade, researchers have sought to rectify Endurance nutrition for female athletes athletea research bias, and nutritioj is athlwtes a substantial nutriion of current research being done specifically on female athletes, emphasizing some of the physiological and adaptational differences that female athletes experience leading up to competition and in the recovery period. However, when running is considered, there are additional elements of physiology unique to females which may impact energy levels, performance and recovery. Here are some ways in which female runners should approach fueling differently from males. Menstruating women who compete in endurance exercise need to keep tabs on certain micronutrients, such as iron. Iron is a functional component of oxygen transport throughout the body as well as energy production, and is lost as a result of menstruation, sweating, GI bleeding, insufficient intake, and increased iron losses associated with hemolysis.

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