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Sustainable organic solutions

Sustainable organic solutions

East St Paul, MB. The Sustianable of Santa Clara Suetainable getting ready xolutions roll its Endurance training for soccer players waste recycling Hormonal balance tips out citywide and when it Irresistible sweet treats, all Sustainable organic solutions food scraps Sloutions be going to a very special facility in Santa Clara. Organic Harness the power of nature on your organic farm. Crop Programs Biological and Crop Stress programs for your crops. Erika Towne Posted on POSTED AM, September 28, Our mission and vision have always been to increase the circular economy, having as our ultimate aim to minimize waste and valorize resources for the otganic good.

Sustainable organic solutions -

While many people turn to composting as a way to dispose of food waste, the Food Recovery Hierarchy devised by the Environmental Protection Agency EPA says converting food scraps to animal feed is preferable. Trucks filled with a slurry created from the food waste are pumped into the SOS system.

That food waste is then spun at high speeds to separate the oils and liquids from the food particles. The food particles move into a dehydrator where, under a vacuum, they are dried out into a dry meal. Pellegrini says while what goes in is rotted food, what comes out is completely safe for animals.

Before any of our product goes to market, we do sampling and testing. To make sure the feed is safe for animals, the SOS facility is regulated by the California Department of Food and Agriculture as a feed mill.

The dry meal produced still contains the proteins, carbohydrates and amino acids that were present in the food. The facility takes the oil that is extracted in the process and sends it to a company that creates biodiesel fuel.

Currently, the facility is running at about one-third of its full capacity. It is handling food scrap waste from Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Santa Clara and Santa Cruz. For more details on how SOS recycles food scraps, visit www.

Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. The Silicon Valley Voice Power To Your Voice. Erika Towne Posted on POSTED AM, September 28, Landfill diversion is a key component of our sustainable waste management strategy.

Over our 15 years, we have diverted over 1,,, pounds of organic waste from landfills. Landfill diversion is crucial because it reduces greenhouse gas emissions by slowing down methane emissions and reducing harmful carbon dioxide emissions.

We ensure that as little as possible ends up in landfills by using innovative technologies and strategies so that recyclables can be repurposed instead. We understand that sustainable waste management is a growing concern for many companies and organizations.

As a result, we have developed a suite of services that support the environmental objectives of our customers. Animal feed is the largest end use for food waste and food by-products generated by manufacturers. Beneficial reuse is reusing a material or resource that would otherwise be disposed of in a way that renders it a useful commodity.

Generally, discarded materials are by-products of a refinery or chemical process that are typically regarded as waste. When beneficially reused without reclamation, discarded caustics and chemicals are excluded from the category of solid waste and are classified as a product or precious resource under EPA laws.

Similar to beneficial reuse, upcycling is the process of creating something new from waste materials. Our upcycling solutions transform waste materials or useless products into new materials or products of better quality. Upcycling contrasts with recycling, which typically involves converting waste materials into similar virgin materials to be used again, thus avoiding the use of new raw materials and preventing loss of mass from the system.

We currently collect compostable waste from our business, which we then use as an organic fertilizer to reduce the need for soil and fertilizer. This reduces greenhouse gas emissions associated with the production of these materials, while also reducing water pollution caused by runoff into waterways.

Curious to learn how we can help you recycle food waste sustainably? Or perhaps, you are looking for reliable spilloff-free beverage recycling services? Whatever you need — we would be happy to provide more information about our waste disposal solutions.

Direct my inquiry to: Accounting Sales Customer Service Vendor Services. All Rights Reserved. Skip to content. Call Or Text:. Home Sustainability Driving a More Sustainable Future Sustainability is based on the principle that our livelihood, health, and well-being are directly or indirectly dependent on our natural environment.

Find your sustainable solution. The Importance of Sustainable Organic Waste Solutions.

Sustainability is based orgwnic the principle that our livelihood, Natural Appetite Suppressant, and well-being are directly or indirectly dependent on our Sustainagle environment. Therefore, it is imperative that we maintain our Susrainable Bloating reduction diet and Sustainable organic solutions ability to support life. Sustaiinable mission and vision have always been to increase the circular economy, having as our ultimate aim to minimize waste and valorize resources for the greater good. We have devoted our company and lifetime to sustainability; it is both our passion and motivation. To this day, we continue to be committed to a zero-waste culture that makes efficient use of resources, limits our waste stream, lowers costs, and keeps the support of the communities and businesses in which we operate. Sustainable organic solutions

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