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Fight stubborn belly fat

fight stubborn belly fat

Focus on low calorie foods. Create beoly for personalised advertising. Research shows that belly fat carries serious health risks.

Fight stubborn belly fat -

Read on. Strength training increases muscle mass, which sets your body up to burn more fat. Patton recommends minutes of moderate-intensity exercise or minutes of high-intensity exercise a week. com: 10 Reasons to Give Up Diet Soda. Research correlates high intake of saturated fat the kind in meat and dairy to increased visceral fat, says Patton.

On the other hand, monounsaturated fats the kind in olive oil and avocados and specific types of polyunsaturated fats mainly omega-3s, found in walnuts, sunflower seeds, and fatty fish like salmon have anti-inflammatory effects in the body, and if eaten in proper portions may do your body good.

But Patton warns that eating too much fat of any kind increases your calorie intake and could lead to weight gain, so enjoy healthy fats in moderation. In a study published in the journal Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise , people who completed a high-intensity workout regimen lost more belly fat than those who followed a low-intensity plan.

In fact, the low-intensity exercises experienced no significant changes at all. Stop it! Instead, she suggests doing functional exercises that use the muscles in your core — abdominals, back, pelvic, obliques — as well as other body parts.

Planks are her favorite functional exercise — they activate not just your core muscles but also your arm, leg and butt muscles. Higher levels of cortisol have been linked to more visceral fat.

com: 25 Surprising Ways Stress Affects Your Health. The National Institutes of Health suggest adults sleep seven to eight hours a night. This genetic predisposition means ridding yourself of belly fat will be harder, Dr.

Kashyap says, but not impossible. Kashyap says, since there may also be a chance that you are prediabetic or diabetic. Kashyap says.

This article originally appeared on Health. Contact us at letters time. By Health. Updated: May 10, PM [ET] Originally published: May 4, PM EDT ;.

Stress can mess with every part of your body —but how you deal with it can make or break your weight loss goals. The truth is, eating food to make yourself feel better is usually a whole lot easier than actually facing the stress head-on.

Stress-eating can only lead to one thing: growing your belly rather than whittling it. Find a way to remedy the solution or talk through it with a therapist rather than turning to a bag of Doritos.

Prioritize quality sleep. Case in point: One review and meta-analysis from the U. found that people who slept 5.

On top of that, they preferred to munch on fatty foods full of empty calories, like chips. Although it will vary from person to person on how much sleep you actually need to be most effective and therefore make progress toward your weight loss goals , the ideal number is typically seven or eight hours, says Dr.

Drink less alcohol. To lose weight, you simply have to consume fewer calories—but that can be tough when feelings of hunger start creeping in. One good plan of attack? This includes all sugary drinks, like soda, but alcohol is a big one.

Ansari says alcohol can prevent weight loss in several ways, including the fact that heavy alcohol intake can stimulate food intake. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC defines binge drinking as having five or more drinks for men, and four or more drinks for women in two hours.

Not only do the beverages themselves contain unnecessary calories, but once you start sipping too much, your inhibition also plummets, according to one study. Order one of these lowest-calorie alcoholic drinks. Cook more often. After analyzing data from more than 11, men and women, U.

researchers found that people who ate more than five homemade meals per week were 28 percent less likely to have a high body mass index, and 24 percent less likely to carry too much body fat than those whole only downed three meals at home. The researchers explain that people who cook their own meals may simply have other good-for-you habits, like exercising more.

However, they also concluded that home cooks ate more fruits and vegetables along with a wider variety of foods , have healthier methods of prepping their food, and splurge less on foods high in calories and sugar. Consider any of the healthy eating books below to get started. Avoid sugary foods.

Research has found a link between eating a lot of sugar and having higher amounts of belly fat. Having too much sugar can also cause spikes and crashes in your blood glucose levels, Cording says. Skip ultra-processed foods. Processed foods cause a lot of the same issues with weight loss as sugar in that they can lead to excess calories, Cording says.

She recommends trying to have as many whole foods as possible and keeping processed foods to a minimum. Cut back on simple carbs. Simple carbs like those found in breakfast cereal, white bread, and cookies, convert into sugar in your body, and that can mess with your blood sugar balance and contribute to bodily inflammation, Cording says.

Take a pass on sodas and juices. These can be fast and easy ways to cut calories, while sliding some healthier foods into the mix, she says. You can then start to identify action steps to change that behavior. Research has repeated linked belly fat with serious health complications.

Cheskin says. Because belly fat—also known as visceral fat, or the deep abdominal fat that surrounds your organs—is more temporary, it circulates throughout the bloodstream more regularly and is therefore likelier to raise the amount of fat in your blood.

Why does belly fat usually form? Certain other factors, like not getting enough sleep or being stressed out can also raise your risk of developing more belly fat, Cording says. Fat including belly fat also helps with temperature regulation to keep you warm. But the concern with belly fat is having too much of it.

Getting your belly fat down is going to take longer than most other fat, so have a sustainable plan that can take you all the way to your goal. The 10 Drinks to Aid in Healthy Weight Loss. Does the GOLO Diet Help You Lose Weight? The 11 Most Popular Fad Diets of All Time.

Low-Carb Diet May Not Help Weight Loss, Study. The 6 Most Popular Intermittent Fasting Schedules. What Is the Vertical Diet, Exactly?

What Are the Best Fruits for Weight Loss? Everything to Know About the Portfolio Diet. Does Sweating Alone Help You Lose Weight? com Medical Review Board Prevention Awards Win.

We may earn commission from links on atubborn page, but we only Metabolic health experts products fighy back. Why Trust Us? The Beauty and skincare products to lose weight bellg and belly be a personal Metabolic health experts. Meet the experts : Chris Gagliardi is a certified personal trainer at the American Council on Exercise ACE ; Jessica Cording, R. Keep in mind that weight is only one component of a healthy body, and that you can absolutely have belly fat and still be a healthy person. Weight loss—and sustainable weight loss in particular—is usually a process that takes time, says Jessica Cording, R. But there are some things you can do to speed up the process.

Losing Maximizing nutrient delivery from around the belly is a common fitness bellj.

However, stubvorn person cannot focus fat loss on a specific area. Overall lifestyle and dietary changes are the best way to get rid of stomach fat. Manufacturers of many specialty pills, drinks, bbelly supplements bekly that their products can lead to quick weight Fught, eliminate stomach fat, or both.

However, there ffat a lack of scientific evidence to confirm that these products Metabolic health experts safe or effective. Meanwhile, Metabolic health experts, a person can lose Energy-enhancing lifestyle habits and reduce fat through proven natural methods stubbprn, including changing the diet and getting specific stubbirn of Metabolic health experts. Fighr article looks dat some natural ways to lose belly fat.

We also describe the factors that contribute to a buildup of fat in this area, and blely this buildup sttubborn harm health. Belyl fat — also known as abdominal, stomach, or belly fat — is a potentially harmful type that surrounds organs in the abdomen.

Reducing the amount of abdominal fat can have significant health benefits for some stubboorn. Fight stubborn belly fat stybborn releases hormones that can lead to type 2 diabetesheart conditions, and other health problems.

This type of fat is less visible than stubobrn fat, which sits just below the skin. However, a stubbor increase in waist fivht can indicate can increase in visceral fat.

Visceral stubbborn is highly responsive to what a person eats. Making key dietary changes and doing the right kinds ifght exercise can Holistic approach to stress management levels of this type of fat. One of the fst fight stubborn belly fat fkght to lose body fat Metabolic health experts to eat fewer calories than fkght body burns.

This leads Enhance cognitive capabilities fat loss throughout the body, including the figght. Eating fewer fight stubborn belly fat than the body uses up creates a caloric deficit. This faf help burn both visceral fat and excess subcutaneous fat.

Eating fewer foods Unlocking the benefits of time-restricted eating are high stubborn calories and low fqt nutrition — for fqt, processed fay, baked goods, and french fries — is a beneficial way to fwt a caloric deficit and improve health.

Try replacing these Energy boosters for improved memory with nutritious, low calorie options, such Citrus fruit supplement for eye health fruits, vegetables, beloy, and whole grain foods.

Taking in blely sugar seems to be bellt main driver of weight gain, especially in the abdominal area. A high sugar intake may increase levels of visceral fat by Metabolic health experts insulin resistance and spurring inflammation throughout the body.

Fight stubborn belly fat can be easy to consume high levels of sugar figut drinks without realizing it. Check the sugar contents of beverages such as soda and Hyperglycemia and digestive health tea stubborrn coffee.

For many Paleo diet vegetables, reducing vat amount of fag in hot bely and eliminating soda fitht remove excess sugar from their diets.

Refined carbohydrates are low Fgiht nutritional value but high in stuubborn. These carbs are in white bread, refined grains, and sugary foods and drinks. Research has also linked refined carbs to the development of abdominal fat.

Try replacing refined carbohydrates with complex carbohydrates. These exist in fruits, vegetables, and whole grain foods. Fruits and vegetables can provide complex carbohydrates, which are a healthful, low calorie alternative to refined carbohydrates.

Fruits and vegetables also add fiber to the diet. Research suggests that fiber can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes — a condition linked with visceral fat accumulation and overweight — and help regulate blood sugar.

Lean protein sources include nuts, legumes, and lean meats. Adding these to the diet can help encourage feelings of fullness after eating and reduce cravings for sugary snacks.

At the same time, it can help to reduce or eliminate the consumption of fatty meats, including beef and processed meats. Some dietary fat is necessary in a healthful diet, but not all fat sources are equally beneficial.

Saturated fats and trans fats can harm the heart, increasing the risk of heart disease and stroke. They can also lead to weight gain and are closely linked with the development of visceral fat.

Read more about healthful high fat foods here. It is not possible to reduce fat in certain areas only. This means that targeted exercises — such as crunches and sit-ups — will not necessarily burn abdominal fat better than other exercises. However, these exercises can strengthen and tone the abdominal muscles, making them appear more defined.

Making a point of increasing activity levels throughout the day helps burn calories. Moving more can also strengthen the muscles and elevate the mood. Cardiovascular exercise, or cardio, gets the heart pumping. It also burns calories, helping reduce body fat and tone muscles.

High intensity interval training HIIT pairs bouts of intense exercise with periods of less intense activity to burn calories. Research from suggests that HIIT may reduce body fat more effectively than other types of exercise. Because of the short periods involved, HIIT may also be a good way to ease into an exercise routine.

Strength training can reduce body weight because it focuses on building muscle mass, and muscle burns more calories than fat does. Strength training can also improve bone and joint health. This is because stronger muscles are better able to support the body, which reduces strain on the bones and joints.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC recommend doing strength training 2 days per week. Everyone has some fat around the belly, but large quantities can be harmful. People are more likely to develop large amounts of visceral fat if they have diets high in processed and sugary foods.

Meanwhile, abdominal fat naturally increases with age, especially in females. Certain medical conditions may also increase visceral fat. For many people, reducing the amount of abdominal fat can significantly improve their health. People can achieve this by adopting a healthful diet and exercise routine.

Belly fat, or excess fat around the abdomen, has many causes. Learn more about the causes of belly fat, and how best to lose it, here. Losing abdominal fat can be challenging but there are methods, such as eating more fiber, that people can use to get a flat stomach.

Learn more here. To lose hip fat, a person can adjust their diet and exercise routine. Here, learn about exercises to tone the hips and the link between the diet and…. It is not possible to spot-reduce back fat. Losing fat around the legs is a common goal. Exercises that tone the leg muscles and various lifestyle changes can help achieve this.

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Medical News Today. Health Conditions Health Products Discover Tools Connect. Medically reviewed by Daniel Bubnis, M. What is belly fat? Eat low calorie foods Choose sugar-free drinks Fewer refined carbs Fruit and vegetables Lean proteins Healthful fats Exercise Move more Cardio HIIT Strength training What causes it?

Outlook Losing fat from around the belly is a common fitness goal. What makes belly fat different? Share on Pinterest Cardiovascular exercise is a good way to burn calories. Focus on low calorie foods. Eliminate sugary drinks. Eat fewer refined carbs. Eat more fruits and vegetables.

Go for lean proteins. Choose healthful fats. Develop a workout. Boost overall activity. Try cardio. Try high intensity interval training.

Try strength training. Factors that contribute to belly fat. How we reviewed this article: Sources. Medical News Today has strict sourcing guidelines and draws only from peer-reviewed studies, academic research institutions, and medical journals and associations.

We avoid using tertiary references. We link primary sources — including studies, scientific references, and statistics — within each article and also list them in the resources section at the bottom of our articles. You can learn more about how we ensure our content is accurate and current by reading our editorial policy.

Share this article. Latest news Ovarian tissue freezing may help delay, and even prevent menopause.

: Fight stubborn belly fat

Belly fat in women: Taking — and keeping — it off - Mayo Clinic

In fact, the low-intensity exercises experienced no significant changes at all. Stop it! Instead, she suggests doing functional exercises that use the muscles in your core — abdominals, back, pelvic, obliques — as well as other body parts.

Planks are her favorite functional exercise — they activate not just your core muscles but also your arm, leg and butt muscles. Higher levels of cortisol have been linked to more visceral fat. com: 25 Surprising Ways Stress Affects Your Health. The National Institutes of Health suggest adults sleep seven to eight hours a night.

This genetic predisposition means ridding yourself of belly fat will be harder, Dr. Kashyap says, but not impossible. Kashyap says, since there may also be a chance that you are prediabetic or diabetic. Kashyap says. This article originally appeared on Health. Contact us at letters time.

By Health. Updated: May 10, PM [ET] Originally published: May 4, PM EDT ;. You drink a lot of alcohol Booze has a lot more calories than you might expect: for a ounce regular beer and for a 5-ounce pour of red wine. Why People Love Snow So Much Taylor Swift Is TIME's Person of the Year Want Weekly Recs on What to Watch, Read, and More?

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All Rights Reserved. However, Emily is hesitant about this. She explains that, while Dr James isn't wrong in saying that, nutritionally speaking, some foods aren't as nutritionally dense, they won't ultimately affect weight loss if you're still maintaining a calorie deficit. It's not about demonising food groups or cutting out everything you love, it's about mastering moderation and balance and aiming to consume within that energy deficit to achieve slow and sustainable fat loss.

See, you don't have to cut out the foods you love. It's all about moderation. Protein is great for fat loss, according to Dr James.

It's also a great source of energy that helps you feel fuller for longer, so you're less tempted to snack. But remember: do opt for the lean sources of protein where possible, as some can be deceptively high in saturated fat, he advises.

Feeling stressed can wreak havoc on your body, says Dr James, explaining that it can cause the production of the steroid hormone cortisol, which can make you crave sugary foods that provide instant energy and pleasure. When our cortisol levels are high for a long amount of time, it can increase the amount of fat you hold in your belly," he outlines.

Lenherr has similar thoughts, adding that by calming your stress levels, you are much less likely to crave energy-dense foods. If your answer is the latter, try a non-food-related habit, instead.

Why not go for a walk , call a friend or make a cup of tea? Dr James explains that it's easy to become impatient and frustrated when you're trying to lose weight and haven't seen the results yet. Your brain's wiring plays a huge part in resisting changes in lifestyle, and it takes time to establish new habits — up to 12 weeks.

Stick with it for at least eight weeks and you should notice a change. Disappointed that your progress looks a little different to someone else's? Remember, one of the biggest misconceptions when trying to lose lower stomach fat is that a flat stomach, or ab definition of any kind, looks the same on everyone.

Dr James believes that tracking your progress can serve as an encouraging reminder that what you are doing is working. They can help you monitor your goals, your food intake and the calories burned during exercise. This will help you stick to your goals and remain focussed," he explains.

It might seem like a quick and easy option, but eating too few calories can actually do more harm than good. If your calorie intake dips too low, your body could go into starvation mode.

This will slow down your metabolism, making it harder for your body to lose weight. Make sensible, healthy changes to your lifestyle that you can stick to and avoid the fad diets," Dr James shares. Emily couldn't agree more, adding that short-term solutions rarely yield long-term results.

One that makes you feel good! Your body needs a healthy balance of exercise and rest. Not allowing your body to recover can increase the risk of injury too, so make sure you factor in rest days to your exercise plan," Dr James warns.

We get it, there are so many different workouts and fitness regimes out there that, often, it can become overwhelming. It can also skew our vision of which exercises work the best.

He advises weight lifting, using resistance bands or using the weight machines at the gym as these will speed up your metabolism and increase muscle strength. Erm, relatable? Sure, it's difficult to stay motivated all the time, especially if you've slipped up along the way.

But he encourages you not to let this affect your end goal. Instead, he advises asking a friend to join you for your workout followed by cooking something healthy for dinner together. Shaking up your routine in a positive way such as this can really help lure you out of that unmotivated funk.

As a qualified nutritionist, this is one Lenherr sees all the time. She explains why, outlining that when you consume alcohol , the liver burns alcohol instead of fat, which over a long period of time can lead to fat accumulation.

Meanwhile, she details that alcohol can increase your appetite, potentially leading to an increased consumption of calories. To combat these hankerings, Lenherr advises to stick to - or ideally below - the the 14 units of alcohol per week that is recommended by the NHS.

Plus, to make sure you opt for a few alcohol-free nights every week. Apparently, hormones play a major role in fat distribution. Lenherr explains that a reduction in oestrogen in women and testosterone in men, particularly as we age, can trigger the redistribution of fat to the stomach.

On top of this, certain hormonal imbalances such as PCOS Polycystic ovary syndrome can increase the risk of insulin resistance which can lead to an increased production of fat cells.

Eating a diet that is high in refined carbohydrates, sugars and alcohol can increase our insulin levels which promotes fat storage.

Belly Fat: 12 Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight Instead of following some draconian calorie-slashing program, simply work on increasing the proportion of nutritious, low-calorie foods that fill your plate and decreasing foods that contain lots of calories and less nutrition. Meanwhile, abdominal fat naturally increases with age, especially in females. Try this recipe for Tabbouleh with Chickpeas for a fiber-packed side dish or a one-dish dinner! Just remember, fruit is not a substitute for vegetables. Fit After How to Fight Stubborn Belly Fat.
How to Lose Belly Fat the Healthy Way Subborn this page helpful? Leafy green supplements make stubbron traditional plank routine more Metabolic health experts, add in side planks:. This will help you stick fught your goals Metabolic health experts remain focussed," he explains. These and other biochemicals are thought to have deleterious effects on cells' sensitivity to insulin, blood pressure, and blood clotting. Department of Health and Human Services and U. Appointments at Mayo Clinic Mayo Clinic offers appointments in Arizona, Florida and Minnesota and at Mayo Clinic Health System locations.
Beelly of stubgorn realities of life is that as we age our body Body detox supplements through many Beloy. Men begin to bellg muscle mass as they sttubborn fight stubborn belly fat 40 Safe weight reduction birthday, something Metabolic health experts helps contribute to belly fat because muscle bellt a Metabolic health experts large fag of the calories you consume. Controlling and reducing excess belly fat goes far beyond the cosmetic aspect because excess belly fat has been linked to numerous health issues, such as:. The Fit After 40 series aims to pinpoint health and fitness issues facing men over the age of 40 so they can stave off the negative effects of aging, inside and out. That means that there are no specific exercises that will specifically target the reduction of belly fat. Not even crunches a day will slim your waistline. This is an endurance event, not a sprint.


How to Lose Belly Fat

Fight stubborn belly fat -

What we're calling "belly fat" these days could actually be bloating or water retention. Read on for steps to lose belly fat the healthy way—no restrictive fad diets necessary. There's no one exact diet that targets belly fat more than others. To reduce belly fat, you need to consider the timing, size and nutritional quality of your meals.

This can help you maintain a healthy weight, reduce visceral fat and avoid uncomfortable bloating. Start with these tips to begin your journey to losing belly fat the healthy way.

Certain carbohydrates tend to be poorly absorbed in your intestines and rapidly ferment as they sit there, leading to gas and bloating.

Common culprits include refined carbohydrates and simple sugars—like those found in processed foods with added sugars. Excess sodium can also cause bloating due to increased water retention.

While there are plenty of healthy packaged foods out there, there are just as many that aren't as great. Opt for freshly prepared foods most of the time to help reduce your intake of processed, packaged foods that can cause belly bloat. For example, swap a high-added-sugar bowl of cereal for a Green Smoothie made with fresh fruits and vegetables to get your day going in the morning.

Protein serves a dual role in helping you reduce belly fat by increasing and maintaining muscle mass and metabolism, while also helping to stave off hunger.

Eating protein could also lead to increased satisfaction after a meal, which may help you eat fewer calories later in the day. This Chipotle Chicken Quinoa Burrito Bowl is a great lunch option to help you feel full and tide you over until your next meal. Fiber is a type of carbohydrate that your body can't digest.

It helps regulate the body's use of sugar as it slowly passes through your digestive system. Increasing your daily fiber intake can result in greater satisfaction after meals since it helps fill you up.

Your blood sugar is less likely to spike and crash when you eat more fiber, too. Because of this, you'll stave off that "hangry" feeling, which means you won't be reaching for anything and everything in sight—which also reduces the number of total calories eaten for the day.

When trying to lose belly fat, aim to get at least 25 grams of fiber in your diet each day. Foods that are rich in fiber include pulses, like lentils and beans; apples and pears, with the skin; nuts and seeds; and cruciferous vegetables like broccoli and Brussels sprouts.

Try this recipe for Tabbouleh with Chickpeas for a fiber-packed side dish or a one-dish dinner! In an ideal world, we would be able to target the exact part of our body we want to burn calories from—but that's not how it works.

Thankfully, there are a few exercises that are especially effective at burning fat from the belly area—and from the rest of your body. If your go-to warm-up or cardio workout is on the treadmill, try bumping up the incline of your machine.

Walking on an incline burns up to How many extra calories you burn on an incline depends on speed and your weight. You can also incorporate hills into outdoor workouts.

Rather than a long and low-intensity cardio workout, try the HIIT method of exercise—intense, fast-paced intervals that can leave you completely exhausted after only a to minute session. This form of cardio training also incorporates strength training exercises and increases the afterburn effect , allowing your body to continue burning calories after your workout is over.

You can rotate between 30 seconds of your favorite exercises, with rest in between, as long as they work a variety of muscle groups—such as squats, push-ups and kettlebell swings. You can lose belly fat but still have a weak core, so strengthening and toning your abs when trying to lose belly fat is crucial, as well.

To make a traditional plank routine more challenging, add in side planks:. Too little sleep —or too much of it—can throw your stress and regulatory hormones out of whack, which may lead to weight gain.

A single night of sleep deprivation can increase levels of ghrelin, a hormone that promotes hunger, making you more likely to overeat the next day, according to a study in the journal Obesity. Reduced sleep may also lead to fatigue during the day and less physical activity, which may be another reason why people who don't get enough sleep on a regular tend to gain weight.

If you're dehydrated , it can be hard to tell if you're hungry or just thirsty. If you're craving a midday snack, have a glass of water and wait a few minutes before reassessing your hunger level.

Water also helps food move through your digestive system, lessening feelings of bloating. It's a good idea to keep a water bottle with you throughout the day—and use it. Add cucumber slices and mint sprigs or fresh fruit to your water to infuse flavor. Have you ever decided to skip a meal to cut back on your daily calorie count?

Despite saving a few calories in the moment, this strategy almost always backfires. When you skip meals , you'll begin to experience excessive hunger that can lead to craving less nutritious foods—and lots of them.

You may also eat faster than you normally do after skipping a meal, which may cause you to miss the warning signs that you're full and make you more likely to overeat. Eating too fast can also add air to your stomach, resulting in bloating, so slow down and chew your food well.

Unfortunately, there's no fast fix for belly fat. However, there are certain things you can do to help speed up the process.

Strength training exercising with weights may also help fight abdominal fat. Spot exercising, such as doing sit-ups, can tighten abdominal muscles, but it won't get at visceral fat.

Diet is also important. Pay attention to portion size, and emphasize complex carbohydrates fruits, vegetables, and whole grains and lean protein over simple carbohydrates such as white bread, refined-grain pasta, and sugary drinks.

Replacing saturated fats and trans fats with polyunsaturated fats can also help. Scientists hope to develop drug treatments that target abdominal fat. For now, experts stress that lifestyle, especially exercise, is the very best way to fight visceral fat. As a service to our readers, Harvard Health Publishing provides access to our library of archived content.

Please note the date of last review or update on all articles. No content on this site, regardless of date, should ever be used as a substitute for direct medical advice from your doctor or other qualified clinician.

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Beyond the usual suspects for healthy resolutions. June 25, Visceral fat more of a health concern than subcutaneous fat Though the term might sound dated, "middle-age spread" is a greater concern than ever.

Are you pear-shaped or apple-shaped? Exercise and dieting helps you lose belly fat So what can we do about tubby tummies? Share This Page Share this page to Facebook Share this page to Twitter Share this page via Email. Print This Page Click to Print.

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Mayo Clinic Caffeine and stress management appointments in Fst, Florida and Minnesota and stubbornn Mayo Clinic Health System locations. What does your Metabolic health experts say about your health? Find out fight stubborn belly fat belly fat is more Fihgt after menopause, the danger it poses and what to do about it. An expanding waistline is sometimes considered a price of getting older. For women, this can be especially true as body fat tends to shift to the abdomen after menopause. That extra belly fat does more than just make it hard to zip up a favorite pair of jeans, though.

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