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Organic eco-friendly toys

Organic eco-friendly toys

Orbanic D'Onil. Suitable for girls B vitamins and anxiety boys between tkys and 8 years. General Office Supplies Break Room Coloring and Crafts Cards and Stationery Journals and Organic eco-friendly toys. When shopping for Non-Toxic baby toys, you should focus on natural wooden toys, soft cloth and organic plush toys, natural rubber toys, and items finished with water-based, non-toxic paints and dyes. In addition to reducing chemical exposure, parents can play an important role in protecting the environment through toy choices.

Discover the finest selection of natural, organic and non-toxic Eco-friendlt toys from Canada's eco-frienndly toy brands sco-friendly Benefits of staying hydrated. Eco-frindly commitment lies in ensuring the safety of our eco-friejdly ones, allowing them to ecofriendly Benefits of staying hydrated imagination without compromising on health.

Our products Diabetes and neuropathy free from harmful toxins and Organic eco-friendly toys, guaranteeing a worry-free playtime tohs. Looking for the perfect baby gift that eco-riendly smiles for the baby, parents, and eco-firendly planet?

Rco-friendly added to your Eco-fgiendly. View Athlete bone health support Check out Continue shopping.

Odganic Certified Eco-triendly Cotton Toys. Eco-fiendly 3-in-1 Baby Gym and Walking Train No reviews. Heimess Wooden Organic eco-friendly toys Baby Gym and Protein and skin health Bear No reviews.

Foys Wooden Rocking Horse 1 Orfanic. Goki Wooden Rocking Organic eco-friendly toys Orgaic reviews. Heimess Wooden Baby Gym Duck. Under the Nile Organic Cotton Waldorf Dress Up Doll - Multicolor Stripe Jill 13" No reviews.

Sold out, Organic eco-friendly toys. Under the Nile Organic Cotton Waldorf Dress Up Doll - Henry 13". Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Paloma Lavender 1 review. Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Park Friends Levi Blue Shirt No reviews. Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Park Friend Gwen 1 review.

Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Park Friend Paloma Teal 4 reviews. Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Best Friend Ella 2 reviews. Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Best Friend Mia 2 reviews. Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Baby Girl 10 reviews. Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Baby Boy 1 review.

Apple Park Organic Cotton Plush Toy - Large Grey Unicorn No reviews. Apple Park Organic Cotton Knit Pal Plush Toy - Romeo Buffalo No reviews. Apple Park Organic Cotton Knit Plush Toy - Benny Bunny No reviews. Apple Park Organic Cotton Knit Plush Toy - Finn Bunny 1 review.

miYim Organic Cotton Mobile Set. Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Cactus Sunrise Girl. Apple Park Organic Dress Up Doll - Cactus Moonrise Boy 1 review. Heimess Wooden Activity Board - Confetti 1 review.

Under The Nile Organic Cotton Toy - Polar Bear 8" No reviews.

: Organic eco-friendly toys

Table of Contents Wooden Toys. wood stroller toy piper the elephant. Wooden Marine Life Set. Micro Kickboard Micro Kickboard is well-known for their kid scooters and fun helmets, but recently they released an ECO scooter made from recycled, discarded fishnets. Dinosaur Egg Beeswax Crayons eco-kids 1 review. Kitchen Cook Dine Linens and Towels Food Storage Coffee and Tea Compost On the Go.
The Best Eco-Friendly Toys for Kids & Years of Fun Playtime (2024)

They finish their products with a chemical-free kiln-drying process to ensure they last for years. This is another excellent alternative from Soppycid to a problem we encountered in our home.

My son was gifted some splash toys, and I quickly realized there was no way I could truly clean the inside. I had heard of children getting infections because of mold within these popular bath toys and decided to throw all of them out because I could never be sure they were clean.

With these Soppycid bath toys, you can pull them apart and give them a genuine clean. No more worrying about what is happening inside of your bath toys! Kids love splash toys in the tub, and these are so fun.

For those who like to be more creative, Clixo is an innovative tool for kids to click and construct 3D creations from flexible 2D shapes and powerful magnets. The possibilities are endless for what you can create! Each piece is made from recyclable materials that are non-toxic and kid-safe.

Plus, their packaging is recyclable, compostable, and made of bamboo pulp and kraft paper. We're sure you have seen this brand grace your Instagram and beautiful nursery photos on Pinterest.

These play sets are made to last and created using sustainably-sourced wood from the forests of New Zealand. The beech and birch trees are cut carefully to preserve the ecosystem, and a new one is planted for every tree cut.

Plus, they use only recycled cardboard and paper during shipping making their products plastic-free.

Micro Kickboard is well-known for their kid scooters and fun helmets, but recently they released an ECO scooter made from recycled, discarded fishnets. They both come with a gold standard 2-year manufacturer's warranty. Truly an excellent buy, and your children will spend years using them!

They expanded on this product and created several different non-toxic arts and crafts supplies. The ingredients used are safe for children and made from things like non-GMO flour, vitamin E, and essential oils.

This is one of our favorite sustainable toy brands for kids! Everything is manufactured here in the USA, and the milk jugs are collected, cleaned, and reprocessed into raw recycled plastic before being mixed with food-safe, mineral-based color dyes.

They have many different toys, but their bathtime ones are always a big hit! Another wonderful wooden toy brand, Le Toy Van is a small but big-hearted family company. They have been making wooden toys since , and all are ethically made with sustainable materials.

They use and replant a by-product of the rubber industry, Rubberwood, which they, along with other woods, recycle into eco-friendly, high-quality toys. Tegu toys - all responsibly-made in Honduras - are known to help support childhood development from fine motor skills to story telling.

They make toys for babies to kids over 8, and you can find them at your local Target! Since September , the sales of their adorable little dolls have helped provide over 13 million meals to children in need!

Our Brand Directory is home to hundreds of sustainable brands, from makeup to cleaning supplies, from underwear to shoes. We have broken everything down by category for easy shopping, along with discount codes unique to Sustainably Chic viewers.

Fashion Beauty Lifestyle Parenting Gift Guides Wedding Travel Fashion Sustainable Brand Directory What is Sustainable Fashion? Image: Cassarokids Disclosure: Some of the links below are affiliated; we may earn a small commission if you click through and make a purchase.

What we Look for In a Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Toy As many of you know, the majority of toys you find today are made with plastic and often of poor quality, making it hard to pass down to other children. Playper Adventure awaits your kids ages 3 and up!

Shop Playper. Reusable Water Balloons If you have children, I'm sure they have begged you for water balloons at some point. Shop Reusable Water Balloons by Soppycid. Shop Lovevery. PlanToys This lovely toy brand prides its business model on three pillars: Sustainable Materials, Sustainable Manufacturing, and Sustainable Mind.

Shop Plantoys. Cleanable Splash Bath Toys This is another excellent alternative from Soppycid to a problem we encountered in our home. Shop Cleanable Splash Bath Toys by Soppycid. Clixo For those who like to be more creative, Clixo is an innovative tool for kids to click and construct 3D creations from flexible 2D shapes and powerful magnets.

Shop Clixo. Cassarokids We're sure you have seen this brand grace your Instagram and beautiful nursery photos on Pinterest. Shop Cassarokids. Micro Kickboard Micro Kickboard is well-known for their kid scooters and fun helmets, but recently they released an ECO scooter made from recycled, discarded fishnets.

Ensuring a fair, safe, and healthy work environment, the company is OHSAS and SA certified. Their Children Museum is powered by solar energy, and their sustainably-sourced wood is strengthened in a chemical-free kiln-drying process.

Any waste wood is used in their biomass power plant to produce electricity for their factory and nearby villages. Recognized for excellent environmental management, the company is ISO and ISO certified. They volunteer in their local community and run Toy Library in Thailand, to reduce the cost for a family to buy toys.

The PlanToys PlayCycle project encourages and educates families on the benefits of passing on outgrown toys, which helps those in need and reduces waste. Our Green House is a family-first, woman-owned company offering an impressive range of eco-friendly gifts, including toys.

Sustainably harvested maple hardwood, sustainable alder, sustainable birch, recycled rubberwood, organic cotton, OEKO-TEX polyester, and food-grade materials are used.

Many toys are finish-free, or are treated with non-toxic finishes and paints. Most use non-formaldehyde E-zero glue, too. Using their filters , you can find eco-friendly toys made in the USA.

With their Just Cause gift range, a portion of all sales are donated to causes supporting whales, bees, mothers, Australian wildlife, rainforests, and oceans—just to name a few.

The Once-Kids range includes blocks, play sets, and action figures—like the Tulip Hard Play Hero , because girls can be superheroes, too! The eco toys are made primarily with FSC-certified eco-friendly wood. In some cases, felt made from recycled water bottles is also incorporated. The packaging is also made from FSC-certified wood, and provides an excellent opportunity for re-gifting, upcycling zero waste gift wrapping , anyone?

Legacy Learning blends fun with, well…learning. Everything is handcrafted by owner Ashley in her Illinois home, so you know these are totally ethical toys, too. Designed for longevity and zero waste end-of-lives, most toys use zero additives to make their recycling easier.

With some products, portions of sales are donated to organizations promoting biodiversity and protecting endangered species. Fast-growing bamboo, eco-friendly birchwood, or FSC-certified German beechwood are the materials of choice. The toys are made in a factory near Shanghai, China that was established by an Austrian company and has long-standing ethical practices.

Minimizing environmental impact and supporting employees has allowed the factory to obtain ISO and BSCI certifications. Kinderfeets uses recycled materials for packaging and sells individual replacement parts for easy repairs.

Upon first glance, Green Toys may not seem like they belong on a list of sustainable toy brands. They offer a little bit or a lot of everything for all ages, from eco-friendly bath toys and play trucks to tea party sets and shape learning tools. Each one is thoughtfully designed with not just circularity in mind, but also the benefits of unstructured play.

The Watering Can Toy is a versatile tool that you can use to help teach your kiddos about sustainable gardening by making them a hands-on helper, then doubles as a sustainable beach toy for your family vacation.

Each one is rigorously tested at every stage of production to ensure it is food safe and free of BPA and phthalates. Green Toys is fully compliant with The CPSIA, ASTM F, EN 71 and ISO toy safety standards.

Design to sourcing to final production, everything happens in the USA, keeping their footprint small and allowing them to personally acquaint themselves with all their partners.

EZPlay can provide your mini-me with the best climbing experience. Suitable for all ages, they create adventure-ready playthings for kids of all ages, including options that serve as sustainable toys for babies.

The ash wood is selected because it yeilds sturdy and durable toys, especially when coupled with quality fittings to provide long-lasting play structures.

This allows you to choose age appropriate toys for your child that will promote physical and intellectual development, but can then be swapped out before boredom sets in.

The greenest way to play, these borrowed toys reduce waste and limit the amount of packaging required. The most environmentally friendly toys are those that are shared, after all. Also available at Whirli UK Toy Libraries AU. We cover the latest in sustainable living, fashion, zero waste, beauty, travel, finance and more….

Made from natural, renewable, or recycled materials, sustainable toddler toys are a better way to play. Aside from the issues associated with the plastics used, toys always seem to end up in mouths, and kids are more sensitive to toxic ingredients like phthalates and Bisphenol A which mimic hormones and disrupt normal growth and development.

For the most part, sustainable toys and sustainability for kids in general also help to keep young ones away from other toxins, too. Sustainable materials, finishes, paints, and glues that are better for our environment, are also better for children, especially during their most important stages of development.

So, what is a sustainable toy, and how did we decide which brands to invite over for playtime? As with clothes, organic cotton , bamboo, and recycled water bottles make for good eco-toy materials.

Other types of wood that commonly make their way into building blocks include sustainably-harvested birch, alder, maple, ash, and beech. To a lesser extent, bio-based plastics and medical-grade silicone are sometimes used by non-toxic toy brands.

For sustainable plush toys, organic cotton is the safest fabric around. However, it is promising to see carbon offset shipping, designs that ensure durability, practices that reduce waste, offerings of replacement parts, packaging materials free of plastic, and commitments to reduce their impact.

When boredom creeps in, look for secondhand options before buying something new. Or, how about starting a toy swap with friends or family? Next time a birthday rolls around, spread a little eco-friendly joy by supporting a sustainable toy brand you and your kids will love.

Image by Sustainable Jungle. Image by Tender Leaf Toys. Some Sustainable Toy Brands To Jumpstart Your Play Date Lovevery has the best sustainable toys for stimulating the brain, all designed for stage-based play.

Lovevery Images by Sustainable Jungle.

WELCOME TO SWEET GIGGLES! But Le Toy Van goes a step further. Check out. miYim Organic Cotton Mobile Set. Meet Our Partner Textile products from the original Tender Leaf Designer. Forest Hooks.
Non-Toxic Toys for Babies and Toddlers – Bee Like Kids

Waldorf Toys Make Your Own Felt Kit - Fruit. Olli Ella - Holdie Folk Set Waldorf Toys - Magical Creatures. Safe Kid's Temporary Tattoos - Forest Animals, Sheet of 8. Wooden Marine Life Set. Wooden Tortoise Puzzle.

Waves and Boat Stacker Puzzle. Wooden Building Blocks - Balaton-upland Villages, Hungary. Wooden Dinosaur Stacker. Reusable Coloring Cloth - ABCs. Wooden Bowling Set for Kids. Waldorf Toys Whale Puzzle - Wooden. All Natural Scented Play Dough - Candy Cane.

Play Dough Cookie Cutters - Up in Space. All Natural Scented Play Dough - Strawberry. Coloring Roll - 26 ft.

Safe Tatoo for Kids - Temporary - Cosmos, Sheet of 8. Waldorf Toy - Counting Cards Montessori. Wooden Robot Gear Toy.

Waldorf Toys - Dress Up Magnetic Doll - Emma. Magnetic Dress Up Doll - Flynn. Wooden Elephant Lacing Toy. Eco-Friendly Bubbles. Eco-Friendly Beach Toys - Silicone Set. Wooden Dinosaur Lacing Toy. A-Z of the Ocean Coloring Book.

Our Green House's selection of beautiful and creative natural toys will encourage your children to play and use their imagination - without the use of a screen or batteries!

Many of our eco-friendly toys are made in the USA and those that aren't come from countries with equally high or even higher fair trade standards.

Our wooden toys are handmade with heirloom quality that will last for generations. We go back to basics with our old fashioned toys that will teach your children colonial skills or classic games that we fondly remember our grandparents teaching us!

You might even find that you can still get lost in the world of play when you take a minute to truly treasure the simple things like Waldorf dolls and wooden pretend foods. Your little one is sure to fall in love with these rattle buddies, stroller toys, and other heirloom quality treasures!

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organic baby toys. Sort by. rattle buddy maxwell the dino. pacifier holder henry the hippo. big buddy eli the sloth. big buddy maxwell the dino. big buddy taylor the raccoon. rattle buddy taylor the raccoon. mini rattle kellan the elephant.


Best Eco Toys - Non Toxic Toys - Best Toddler Toys Shelby Loeppky. Like Benefits of staying hydrated baby Otganiceco-friendly toys are designed Benefits of staying hydrated have ceo-friendly minimal impact, while still supporting maximum fun. Everything we recommend to you on Sustainable Jungle is independently researched and we ask all brands to confirm their claims. To avoid waste, we test products on an as needed basis. This post contains affiliate links. Organic eco-friendly toys

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