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Pycnogenol and sleep quality

Pycnogenol and sleep quality

Additionally, after Pycnogenol and sleep quality Lentils and grains, the Ptcnogenol for Anti-aging exercises management was significantly reduced ajd those in Pycnogenoll Pycnogenol® Anti-aging exercises. This restricted age range was chosen due wleep the large variation in cognitive abilities slfep trajectories associated with anx. While additional research is needed to determine the relationship between Restless Legs Syndrome and edema, this study found that 81 percent of subjects in the Pycnogenol® group improved their status of minimal edema. It also slightly decreased blood pressure and increased testosterone [ 67 ]. Socci DJ, Crandall BM, Arendash GW: Chronic antioxidant treatment improves the cognitive performance of aged rats. Google Scholar Looi J, Sachdev PS: Structural Neuroimaging of the Ageing Brain.

Pycnogenol and sleep quality -

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Note that each number in parentheses [1, 2, 3, etc. Learn about all the potential benefits of Pycnogenol and find out which ones are most supported by science. Some research suggests that procyanidins may have antioxidant and anti-inflammatory activity.

The remaining compounds are phenolic acids, which may also have antioxidant activity [ 1 , 2 ]. Research into Pycnogenol has revealed some promising results in over 30 health conditions. That said, there are some instances where this extract may possibly be effective.

Pycnogenol is officially extracted from the French maritime pine Pinus pinaster , which grows in the southwest coast of France. Its quality is specified in the United States Pharmacopeia [ 3 ]. Pycnogenol is known under different names in some countries, such as Oligopin, and Flavangenol in Japan [ 4 , 5 ].

Extracts can also be made from other pine barks, such as Pinus radiata , Pinus densiflora , Pinus thunbergii, and Pinus massoniana. Most have similar amounts of active substances and are often sold under the brand name Pycnogenol [ 6 ]. However, some of these other pine bark extracts can have different active compounds, which may affect their biological activity.

For example, Enzogenol is an extract from a pine that grows in California and Mexico Pinus radiata that may have cognitive-enhancing effects. Trees of this pine have been naturalized in Australia and New Zealand, where most Enzogenol is now made [ 7 ].

According to some researchers, when you take Pycnogenol [ 8 ]:. Research suggests that Pycnogenol may protect cells in the body against oxidative stress.

It also may help regenerate and maintain vitamin C and E levels while also potentially increasing nitric oxide levels, which may relax and protect blood vessels [ 1 ]. Clinical research suggests that Pycnogenol is possibly effective for improving athletic performance. According to researchers, it may help prevent the rise in free radicals typically seen after exercise, which could cause muscle fatigue and damage [ 9 ].

Finally, research suggests that Pycnogenol may improve triathlon time while possibly reducing cramps and post-running pain [ 10 ].

The researchers of the study propose that pycnogenol may reduce pain and cramps during retraining and rehabilitation in people with blood vessel problems [ 11 ]. Based on another study of 6 trained and 7 untrained people, an antioxidant combination product containing Pycnogenol Lactaway may increase endurance.

This supplement may also increase muscle endurance and performance after a single pre-exercise dose according to a study of 9 cyclists [ 12 , 13 ]. A randomized placebo-controlled trial of 60 children with mild-to-moderate asthma found that those who took Pycnogenol may be able to reduce or discontinue their use of rescue inhalers more often than the placebo group [ 15 ].

Researchers suggest that Pycnogenol may reduce cough, night-awakenings, improve airway flow, and the need for additional asthma medication [ 16 ]. A trial of 39 people with hay fever found that Pycnogenol may reduce nose and eye symptoms.

In the study, the placebo group had higher IgE antibodies to the birch allergen than those who took Pycnogenol during the allergy season [ 17 ].

Another clinical trial of 76 people with allergic asthma also suggests that Pycnogenol may reduce IgE antibodies and asthma symptoms [ 18 , 16 ]. Importantly, all studies found that Pycnogenol has to be taken at least 5 weeks before the allergy season in order to see potential benefits, with the best results in those who take it weeks ahead.

One study suggests that Pycnogenol has no effect when given just 3 weeks beforehand, as it possibly requires a lag time to stabilize the immune response [ 17 ]. Researchers suggest it may boost sustained attention, memory, executive functions, mood, and reduce oxidative stress [ 19 ].

A trial of 53 students found that pycnogenol may improve cognitive function, memory, attention, mood, and mental performance after 8 weeks [ 20 ]. Pycnogenol also potentially improved cognitive function in 78 people with mild cognitive impairment.

Enzogenol, a slightly different pine bark extract, improved cognitive function in a clinical trial of 42 older men after 5 weeks of supplementation [ 23 ]. Researchers suggest that it may have stronger benefits than elastic compression stockings. In the study, women taking Pycnogenol were more satisfied and compliant to the regimen [ 24 ].

When pycnogenol cream was added to oral supplements in a small study of 18 people with vein ulcers, it helped ulcers heal more quickly [ 26 ]. One study of found that Pycnogenol may help prevent edema and ankle swelling from long flights [ 27 ]. Pycnogenol improved symptoms, circulation, and reduced complications in people with deep vein thrombosis blot clots in deep leg veins in a month study.

It had the best results when combined with compression stockings, but worked just as well alone [ 28 ]. The following purported benefits of Pycnogenol are only supported by limited, low-quality clinical studies. There is insufficient evidence to support the use of Pycnogenol for any of the uses listed below.

Remember to speak with a doctor before taking Pycnogenol. It should never be used as a replacement for approved medical therapies. In a study of 50 overweight people, a combination product Pycnogenol, Madeglucyl, and starches called Glucaffect reduced weight, BMI, blood glucose, and HbA1C after 8 weeks [ 30 ].

A number of clinical trials suggest that Pycnogenol may lower blood glucose if taken daily for at least 12 weeks. It also may help those on blood pressure medications to reduce their dose [ 32 ].

In another trial, 30 people with type 2 diabetes received a range of pycnogenol doses. However, in all the above studies insulin levels did not change. In 24 people with early eye damage from diabetes, Pycnogenol improved vision, reduced eye swelling, and improved circulation in the eye after 2 months.

Used early on, it may prevent eye damage and blindness from diabetes [ 34 ]. A trial of 86 people with eye damage from diabetes found that antioxidant therapy including pycnogenol, vitamin E , and Coenzyme Q10 may improve eye health and reduce reactive oxygen species levels [ 35 ].

According to some researchers, Pycnogenol may lower blood pressure by relaxing blood vessels, reducing free radicals, and lowering inflammation. In the study, many of the participants on Pycnogenol reduced their dosage of high-blood-pressure medication nifedipine [ 37 ]. A Pycnogenol combination product with l-arginine , alpha lipoic acid , B vitamins, and vitamin K2 may help protect the blood vessels and reduce high homocysteine levels, according to a trial of 25 people [ 39 ].

A study of 32 people with heart failure lasting 12 weeks suggests that a combination of Pycnogenol with CoQ10 PycnoQ10 may improve blood pressure, heart function, edema, and capacity for physical activity [ 40 ].

Researchers suggest this effect may be due to reduced dopamine and adrenaline levels and increased glutathione levels.

In a study of 61 ADHD children, pycnogenol reduced hyperactivity, improved attention, and motorics after 1 month. But a month after pycnogenol was stopped, the symptoms came back, suggesting that it may need to be used regularly to achieve the benefits [ 41 ].

Controlling edema lowers the risk of DVT and translates to healthier and more comfortable travel. Fred Pescatore. The study, published in Minerva Cardioangiologica, tested individuals at varying risk levels for thrombosis, flying in economy class twice a week for more than eight hours.

Three groups were tested — a control group, a group wearing compression stockings and a group supplementing with Pycnogenol®. These participants supplemented with mg of Pycnogenol® daily during the three days leading up to their travel, and the three days following.

Study participants were tested using D-dimer tests to detect blood clots and ultrasound scanning to study vein compression before and after each flight.

Results show that along with standard measurement practices, study participants who supplemented with Pycnogenol® experienced significant improvement of their edema symptoms, including:. Nearly 93 percent of all travelers experience jet lag [4] , according to the American Sleep Association.

In addition to the reported benefits for edema symptoms, participants in this new research also showed notable improvement in the following jet lag symptoms:. Pycnogenol® is a powerful super-antioxidant shown in decades of research to boost blood circulation and act as a natural anti-inflammatory.

To review clinical research and additional information on Pycnogenol®, visit www. Pycnogenol® is available in more than dietary supplements and multi-vitamins worldwide.

Pycnogenol ® is a natural plant extract originating from the bark of the maritime pine that grows along the coast of southwest France and is found to contain a unique combination of procyanidins, bioflavonoids and phenolic acids, which offer extensive natural health benefits. The extract has been widely studied for the past 40 years and has more than published studies and review articles ensuring safety and efficacy as an ingredient.

Today, Pycnogenol ® is available in more than dietary supplements, multi-vitamins and health products worldwide. For more information, visit www. About Horphag Research Horphag Research is the distributor for Pycnogenol ® pic-noj-en-all brand French maritime pine bark extract, French oak wood extract on behalf of Horphag Research.

Pycnogenol ® are registered trademarks of Horphag Research. Horphag Research has the exclusive rights to market and sell Pycnogenol ® and benefits from more than 40 years of scientific research assuring the safety and efficacy of Pycnogenol ® as a dietary supplement.

com and. Volare con Sicurezza. Turin, Italy: Edizioni Minerva Medica; ; Belcaro G, Cessarone MR, Steigerwalt RJ, Di Renzo A, Grossi MG, Ricci A, et al.

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